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    How is everyone's ev-do experience? When I got the 755 on the first day, speeds were very snappy. But now the browser just doesn't impress me at all the way it did in the beginning.

    while speed tests on measure 728.20 kbps, this is not reflected when surfing regularly on the web. It feels more like 1xrtt vs evdo, and I'm paying $15 extra for this?!
    I'm in central new jersey. I would think ev-do coverage would be pretty strong here. Anyone else with similar speed issues on their 755?
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    $15 extra?
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    Well, I mean I'm paying a higher monthly fee for the Power Vision that is.

    With the more expensive data plan, I was just expecting significantly faster speeds (200 - 400 kbps) with more consistency.
    I get more like 76 - 140 kbps, which is basicallly 1xrtt.

    I set my phone to "force broadband" as well, and it still isn't a whole lot speedier.

    How are your data speeds, papped?
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    Blazer isn't fast. It slows down your perceived browsing speed, and it gives low results on the speed tests. But I stopped complaining the day I tried using it in a real 1x area. What an atrocious experience.

    1x peaks at 144 kbps, and real world, 80 is fast 1x. So you're getting at least faster-than-1x speeds. And it will vary. Location to location, time of day, etc. I was getting consistently lower speeds at home than at work, then one weekend could barely get any data service at home, then on Monday the speeds at home were rockin. Maybe you need to get Sprint to reboot your local tower?
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    Yeah that's one issue. Blazer hangs in-between loading a lot (some of it could DNS related I suppose though).

    So for example constant 140kbps is faster than a burst of 400kbps then having it hang for 5-10s doing nothing loading a page.
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    I've been trying out Lightspeed and it seems to make up for some of Blazer's shortcomings, in terms of loading speed and hangs. Of course, its not going to do anything for low or loss of EVDO signal.
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    I'm trying out Xiino 3.4.1E now to see if I like it better or not.

    I have problems with Opera Mini 4. I find it unstable (might be due to JVM though) and whenever I start a website connection, it stays "connecting" for 5 seconds every time before it actually starts loading. Really really irritating.

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