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    I've downloaded some apps (prc) that have database files along with them (dbs) and hotsynced them to my Centro (card side). When I launch the app it says it can't find the database file. I look on Files and it's all there so why can't it find it? These are freeware apps like Winelist and My DVD List.
    I must be screwing up somewhere but I can't figure it out. It's probably something simple though so if somebody could steer me in the right direction I'd sure appreciate it.

    Thanks, Jeff
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    Some apps can't be run off the card .. try reading up on the programs and verify they can be run off a card, or you can try installing them to main memory and seeing if they work that way and then you will know.
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    I did do some reading and supposedly they will run off the card. Actually, the prc file opens the app but the dbs file can't be found so the app is starting off the card fine it's just that there isn't any database to work off of.
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    usually the dbs either need to be in a specific folder or need to be on the treo/centro.
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    The prc files will run from the card, but many times an apps database files need to be on the main memory (RAM)

    If you want to keep an app and database files on the card, install all files to main memory and use a shortcut creating app like LinkStart Lite, PowerRun or ZLink to move all files to the card with an app icon placed into the memory.

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    In order to launch the files from the card, they normally must be located in the /Palm/Launcher folder unless they a third party application is involved.
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    You might want to check out a little app for your Centro called PowerRun. It essentially allows you to run programs off your card that normally wouldn't. I use it for a lot of my games.

    Just my 2
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    All the files are located in the Palm/Launcher folder and some of the apps work and some don't. Some of the database files are so large that putting them on the main memory would eat it all up. The PowerRun program sounds interesting; I'll look in to that.

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