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    Has anyone seen this problem before?

    Unlocked Treo on TMo - Using the Max Cache custom rom

    At some point my device will crash and start to reboot
    The First Palm (orange) screen appears
    progress line appears
    When the progress line reaches the end

    the screen will go black and become unusable

    I'll pull the battery and it'll continue - basically my device is bricked.

    I've tried different things like holding the up & power button (to hard reset) but no help
    I'll hold down on the cursor pad and instead of going black, the screen will come on and just stay on.

    The first time this happened to me, I let the battery drain to the end and when I did a recharge it began working again.

    However this problem resurfaced today

    Any ideas or experience with this one before?
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    Ok, so I let the battery drain again and again I was able to get my system back up an running. This is leading me to believe I have a bad battery. Anyone? Beuller?

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