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    Has anybody tried the posted for centro Versamail update on treo 755p
    I've downloaded it to PC moved to SD card and run the installer - it seems to work!!!!
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    I have installed it on 2 755's and both seem to be working fine. They both only use EAS so I can't vouch for any of the other features. I am just glad to finally have a vibrate feature for versamail.
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    GMail imap seems to work fine so far. What I wonder is if they fixed the bug with EAS and versamail forgetting your login password... This is what kept me from originally using Versamail, it kept forgetting my password so I had to manually enter the damn thing all the time.

    Too bad they didn't add hotmail support.
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    It works great on my 755, with my EAS account.
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    Yeah, I can finally use Gmail IMAP now. This is great. Now if they will add HTML support........
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    I just want them to add hotmail support so I'm no longer reliant on sprint mobile email at all!
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    On the centro's versamail it has the option for html .. I haven't had a big chance to play with it to see exactly how it works but I don't have that on my 755 even though the versions match the centro.
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    Sorry for the ignorance but what is EAS? Does it allow us to save messages in a card now? That would be my final deciding factor in going back to versamail.
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    Exchange Active Sync. It's an always connected email delivery service. It syncs your email/contacts/calender all synced with a server 100% of the time. The second an email hits your server its on your phone at the same time give or take a few seconds. Its the best thing in email. Its one step above IMAP with IDLE.
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    It looks like HTML view mode works. I got an html email from Sprint through GMail imap and it displays correctly (aside from the images being blocked due to not adding the sender to the safe list).
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    I don't even see the option on my 755p like I did on the centro.
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    yup don't see it, are you using a centro or a 755p?
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    755p. I am looking in the Options for my Gmail IMAP account though, not EAS. I didn't try out EAS yet.
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    ahh yeah that could be it... the account on the centro was a yahoo plus account that I set up for a friend so that could mean the difference. I only use EAS so thats most likely why its not there.
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    Just out of curiosity is it an exchange 2003 account? Wondering if it removes the option unless it's exchange 2007 or something like that.
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    I didn't do the upgrade. I have a 755p. I have an IMAP account (not Gmail). I have the option to have messages formatted in HTML. HTML works.

    Am I missing something in this conversation?
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    Supposedly EAS on the upgraded Versamail doesn't have the option for HTML emails.
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    EAS does not have HTML option. That has been the case for awhile now. I wish it would. POP and IMAP accounts will have the HTML option.
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