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    wheres the centro update on the WHERE AM I or what ever itss called
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    Presumably it needs to be a ROM update, or at least that seems to be the plan.

    Palm (or any OEM) doesn't get many shots at releasing ROMs as they take time and money to develop and test, so they try to cram as much in there as they can (why have 3 little ROM updates, instead of just 1 big one? Makes it easier on the end-user--less confusing), which includes
    • new features
    • bug fixes
    • enhancements
    • carrier requested changes

    Then it all has to be tested/certified by Sprint, which also takes months. Sprint will try to collect and verify bug reports and network issues to be submitted to Palm, but you need a good few months to collect that data, so you usually don't see ROM updates for 3-6 months after release.

    Fact is, this is an important feature to you but probably on the low-list for Sprint in getting it to you.

    The Google "My Location" feature is not carrier supported nor endorsed--Google did it behind the carrier's backs by collecting data from users when they used their own GPS devices (supposedly), hence why Google was able to roll this out as a "surprise". Because of that, Sprint and other carriers are hardly rushing to support what they consider competition to their own services (TeleNav, etc.).

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