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    VZW 700p is dying. I will probably put in a claim soon. Have people been receiving refurb 700p's? I thought it possible that they could be sending 755p's. Would be happy for any advice re claims process.

    Be well and thanks, all.

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    They will replace it with a refurb 700P. I asked and that is what I was told and got. Ben
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    Thanks Ben.

    Are you on Verizon?

    Be well,

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    I am a Sprint client and Asurion is also associated with Sprint. Ben
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    Same here. Cracked screen, 700p failing badly (before the screen issue) with random resets, dropped calls, battery suckage, you name it. Sprint/Asurion told me a replacement 700p would be sent. Going to retentions.
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    I called them today because my battery contacts are worn. They said they can't tell me if it's going to be a new or refurbished unit because they don't know until they ship it.

    Verizon told me that if I wanted to go up to the 755 I would get the promotional price of a whopping $50 discount and need to sign a new 2 year contract.
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    I brought my 3.5 year old indestructable 650 into the Sprint store-- because I heard it Arcing inside. This baby was war torn. I had previously gone through 4 600/650s in 4 months. I have probably dropped this phone onto hard tile or concrete from a distance of 5-6' over 15 times.
    At any rate-- they opened it up-- said that I had spilled something on it (that oddly- I had not) and they were not going to cover it under warranty. I'm cheap and decided noto to send into Asurion yet. Well Wed. I dropped into into a toilet bowl, a pee filled toilet bowl. Yuck. Was lucky enough to fish it out quick, but it was wet, and grody. after some disinfectant-- I put it above my heater hoping it would dry out. I put a move on and promptly fell asleep. 6 hours later I woke up to find something that looked like a Dali clock -- quite dry now.

    Needless to say Asurion got a call this time, and I promptly received a new 700p. Internet is sooo much faster. Stoked! Any chance of extra data fees? I was on an unlimited plan from my old 600 days.

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