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    I got an offer to upgrade to Docs to Go Premium Version 10 for $19.95. It looks like the only real advantage over the one that comes with the Centro is ability to read Text Files. Anyone comment on whether this is worth it?
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    I went from V9 premium to V10 premium and found it to be worth the upgrade, though not the cost. With V9 I found within the Excel application that the num locks never held when moving from cell to cell and it was a major frustration for me, as I use the spread sheet extensively. In addition, there is more compatibility with the real thing. For me, I no longer use the DTG conduit at all on anything and the num lock fix makes me a very happy user.

    As for the regular level to the premium, I just hated waiting for the application to search, so that is also an improvement with the ability to go directly to a folder.

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    Yeah.. The Centro comes with versions 10 Pro, so it is really just Pro->Premium. Version Number is the same.
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    Since you mentioned the num lock fix, I'll branch out and ask: Have they added a "line up" and "line down" feature yet? I use that all the time on my laptop for arranging notes. Been waiting for it to be added to DocToGo for a very long time.
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    I have tried everything except hardreset in a attempt to get this program to work. After v8 nothing works. I uninstalled V10 to get back to the palm version now it won't work. I now get error msg that there was a "translation" error. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? some files were created with Ofc '03. I recently upgraded to Ofc'07, no change. Help!!

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