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    I read somewhere that there is no backlight for the d-pad and space bar as compared to the 700p. I assume the d-pad is the navigation button. My 700p illuminates both. I can not tell in the store if they are illuminated. I also read the 755p backlighting is not as bright. Anyone have any comments?

    Does anyone have any complaints about the rocker arms for the home/email button? It seems ok to me in the store but again I am used to individual buttons with the 700p

    I have been authorized to get a 755p for my 700p which has problems. I want to know what I am getting. Are there any other lighting/display differences other thant he obvious form factor changes?

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    As I no longer have the 700p, I cannot compare -- but the back lighting on the 755p is plenty bright for me. I wonder how much battery life they conserved by backing off on that..

    Yes, no back light on the D-Pad and space bar. Has not been an issue for me given their size and position on the keyboard . . . .I just know that they are the two big black holes.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I have no issues with the 755p backlighting. It's plenty bright (I don't even have it turned all the way up).

    Also I really have no idea why you'd need the dpad highlighted. The thing is enormous and easy to find without looking at the device. Spacebar is pretty obvious also due to it's shape. It's also to the right of the "0" button which is illuminated.
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    My 755P lights are plenty bright, no problems there. However, the lights stay on when I'm listening to Audible books and I'm concerned about the battery drain. Anyone else get that problem? KNow how I can turn them off? Didn't happen with the 650.

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    You can change that. Power Hero is one app that lets you disable keyboard backlights at certain times.

    I'm not sure what other options there are though. What apps are you using to listen to audible books? If they are just MP3 files you can listen with PTunes, which the screen auto turns off anyways after a short period of time.

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