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    So, yes, this topic has come up before. Yet I can't find it.. did a search and got nothing; for the Centro. So, what apps do I need?

    I like to view videos, listen to music, scower the web. All those are done quite frequently. Um, let's see. I've gone through sites like treonauts and some similar sites and they all give the same programs. I just don't know what to choose from all the listed apps.

    Any help?

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    For the three things you like to do, you're in prety good shape. I'd check out TCPMP for watching videos stored on your memory card.
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    For listening to videos, trial a version of Kinoma and TCPMP. Both are highly rated and both are popular.

    For listening to music, the above will also work, but your Centro comes with the Deluxe version of Ptunes, so you should be set there already.

    For "scowering" the net, Blazer is about as good as Opera Mini, so I would stick with Blazer (which is already on your phone).

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    The new release of PTunes is also free for the Centro device. Ben
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    Have you tried this site?

    I have been happy with it,

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