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    So I have the 700p and am seriously considering getting the 755p... I have been extremely unhappy with the 700p OS instabilities. I have a feeling the 755 isn't much better, but I ask all of you. This is with Sprint BTW.

    What do you think? What are the advantages/disadvantages...
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    I for one LOVE my 755p. It's what the 700p should have been.

    For me it's been much more stable, and the lag issues that I experienced on the 700p have went away. Personally, I can't be happier.

    Just my 2
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    We've got a Sprint 700p and a 755p - and the 755p puts the hurt to the 700p!

    It does so in signal strength...
    It does so in data speed (twice what our 700p gets)...
    It does so in lag issues...
    It does so overall performance.

    Now there are two issues we do not like about the 755p, but not enough to turn away from getting the 755p.

    First is the battery life. I had go out and get the Seidio 3200mAh Battery to get more then 30-hours of life out of the 755p. Our 700p can go a solid 48-72 hours without a recharge on the default battery. Our 755p on the default battery bearly made it 30 hours. However, with the Seidio 3200mAh, I can now go 3-4 days without a recharge -- note that I have SnapperMail Enterprise hitting my IMAP server every 30 minutes during business hours. (ouch!) and I have my screen on 3/4 brightness and almost every other feature turned on. I have not tried it, but I would expect the Seidio 3200mAh to easily go 6 or 7 days without a recharge if you really needed it to.

    The second thing I do not like about the 755p is the default software. Palm decided to screw over their buyers and install it with a bunch of software that is OLD.. and I mean really freaking old. pTunes... old (!!) DocsToGo... Old (!!)... it's a pittiful shame what palm did to those people buying "the latest and greatest". Shame, shame, shame, shame on palm !!!
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    Don't have the lag with the 755p, unlike the 700p. But, if you have EAS direct push enabled, when you are in a low signal area, your phone will lock up some. I just set VM to check every 15 minutes, and that took care of it.
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    I recently got a 755p and although I loved many things about it, the phone didn't work as well as my old 650, in an area (MCCall, Idaho) that I travel to frequently.

    My wife's Blackberry 8830 (both of us are on Verizon) had 3 bars in the same place where my 755p had one or two. I know there may be a difference in how the bars are calculated, but...

    I've never had a dropped call on my 650 while there, and I've used it many times. My wife has used her 8830 without problem several weeks while there.

    Only the 755p would not stay connected, and it was a recurring problem, happened all the time.

    I must have a reliable phone, so I've returned the 755p to Verizon and am looking to "upgrade" to a 700p. Or, downgrade to an Blackberry.

    Hopefully, the bugs that many have described in the 700p won't affect me, as maybe they've gotten all the software fixed by now???
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    i have only had my 755 for a few days now. had the 700p when it FIRST came out and hated it. got rid of it with in 2 weeks. i really like the 755. seems completely different. much more stable.
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    I like my 755p alot. I had the 700p about a year and a half ago, and the phone was pretty stable for me.

    The antenna on the 700p is lookin' sort of dated.
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    The 700p would be a definitive downgrade, NOT an upgrade. Reception problems would be the LEAST of your issues as you began your evaluation period.

    Significant lag, poor bluetooth, resets and random crashing are among the more noted problems with this device.

    I think the 755 is the most solid way to go. I have had mine for around a month now and NO resets!!!! Its been fantastic.
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    Having a phone that doesn't drop calls all the time, like my Treo 755p did, would be an upgrade even if it is a 700p. Otherwise, a 700p is a downgrade. But one I have to consider, as the phone part must work.
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    i had continuous issues with blue tooth on the 700, and finally after the 3rd time bringing it in, they simply swapped it out for a 755. i could not be happier with the change. blue tooth works like it should, it is a bit lighter, and it looks a bit cleaner as well. i also think that it has much less lag than the 700 did. overall, it is a much better phone.
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    Having had a 700p, 755p and a Centro, I'd say that the Centro is the hands-down winner. Much more stable, snappier, and far better form factor. The battery life is a bit of a sacrifice but not as big as it may seem just from comparing mAh because of its superior power mgmt.
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    700p Pros:
    -Uses fullsize SDHC cards up to 16gb
    -Higher-capacity battery (1800mAh standard, up to 2600mAh in standard OEM size)
    -Slightly larger keyboard keys than 700p. I can styll type better on the 700p/700w/wx/650 than on any newer, slimmer Treo
    -Uniform, more "even" keyboard backlighting. Full hard button backlighting
    -Tons of affordable, available accessories on the market
    -Large DBheap/DBcache

    700p Cons:
    -Lag (even with 1.10 ROM fix), especially when switching to/from phone app
    -Poor reception, especially in marginal EVDO signal strength areas
    -Poor Bluetooth reliability, even with the 1.10 ROM
    -General OS instability--crash-prone etc.
    -Weaker voice quality in my testing than on 755p
    -Verizon 700p doesn't have VersaMail in ROM so more RAM is occupied once you install it
    -Weak earpiece & speakerphone volume
    -Hideously antiquated formfactor (bulky, protruding antenna etc)
    -SD card is easily ejected/lost, especially if the Treo is accidentially dropped
    -Dated OS/app bundle, especially compared to the Centro

    755p Pros:
    -Slimmer, sleeker formfactor w/ no external antenna & much improved styling
    -Soft-touch rubberized paint makes it easier to hold
    -Memory card slot is side-mounted & behind a door
    -Brighter, whiter LCD
    -Generally snappier (but still lags some) in every instance than a 700p
    -Louder speakerphone & earpiece volume
    -Better d-pad feel
    -VERY slightly newer OS than 700p w/ integrated Google Maps in ROM
    -Camera image quality is slightly better than 700p w/ better color saturation
    -Large DBheap/DBcache

    755p Cons:
    -Old OS/app bundle in comparison to Centro
    -Smaller keyboard keys in comparison to 700p
    -Reduced standard battery capacity (1600mah) and less max capacity in Seidio OEM-sized battery (2200mAh)
    -Some keyboard keys are not backlit (cost cutting measure) and the hard buttons are smaller & harder to press and splotchily illuminated
    -miniSD maxes out at 4gb & makes for many potential compatibility issues
    -May NOT receive the Google Maps Location fix from Palm down the road
    -Flimsy plastic stylus

    Centro Pros:
    -Small, lightweight & compact
    -3 colors available
    -Both CDMA (Sprint) and GSM versions will soon be available
    -Bright, white, crisp LCD
    -Good voice quality (on par with the 755p by most accounts)
    -New hardware tweaks make for little or no lag and very snappy performance
    -LOUD speakerphone & earpiece
    -Camera quality is better than 755p or 700p. Best Palm OS Treo camera performance to date
    -Huge, up to date software bundle (PTunes Deluxe, Google Maps, DTG 10, Blazer 4.0, VM 4.0) + some small OS 5.4.9 tweaks
    -$99 price w/ 2year contract is very reasonble compared to all previous Treos. (Centro's full retail/unlocked price is still too high IMO)
    -The most likely current POS product to see a Google Maps Location fix down the road (but with Palm, nothing is ever certain)
    -More avaialble memory to the user out of the box than any previous POS smartphone
    -Centro is likely to be the only POS device to see updates/support in '08 due to Palm only caring about their "latest & greatest" and its overall popularity/sales success

    Centro Cons:
    -Horrible tiny keyboard
    -Horrible tiny LCD
    -Weak standard battery capacity with no higher-capacity versions from Seidio anytime soon. This should be less of an issue on the GSM Centro than it is on the CDMA version.
    -CDMA Centro still uses the lame old Phone App and not the 680/GSM Centro version
    -Flimy stylus
    -Less selection of accessories compared to conventional Treos
    -microSD slot is hard to access. microSD cards are very easy to lose/break and pose compatibility problems with most devices unless you carry around a fullsize SD adapter.
    -Doesn't have the rubberized paint like the 755p so it has the potential to be "slick" like the 700p and most other Treos.
    -Unlikely to ever appear on Verizon due to the 700p/755p debacle
    -Reduced DBheap/cache size compared to 755p/700p (but this is not a major issue)
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    The db cache issue has not popped up on my wife's Treo - it has been very stable (1 reset on day one) and no pauses. Ben
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    Quote Originally Posted by acousticbiker View Post
    Having had a 700p, 755p and a Centro, I'd say that the Centro is the hands-down winner. Much more stable, snappier, and far better form factor. The battery life is a bit of a sacrifice but not as big as it may seem just from comparing mAh because of its superior power mgmt.
    I tried the centro out and the battery is pretty bad- at least I was using Chattermail- so, perhaps if I turned that off, it might have been better. But I never felt like I could get a full day of typical use out of the centro without having to charge it.
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    You can use micro SD with an adapter with no problems, so mini sd isn't really a con.
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    I replaced my 700p with a 755p when it got the Access SOD. It has more problems than my 700p had and they all started about 3 weeks after having it. The lag is way worst, crashes, and it seems they are related to the phone getting hot easier than the 700p.
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    Sounds like defective hardware. My 755p never even gets warm (playing music for hours straight).
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    Just upgraded from the 700P a few days ago and I must say I am quite impressed with the 755 so far. I can not believe how much better it feels in my hand and pocket. The form factor changes really make a difference. The applications seem more responsive also. The 700P seems like a dinosaur now.

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