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    Hello Treo ites -

    Question. Has anyone else had an issue with Biz Connect not working properly with the 755P? I had the 650 and it worked perfectly. Now I am having an error pop up that states "This device is not supported by the application. The application will run, but some features may not work properly."
    I need this app for work emails...please help.
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    Do a search in this group. There is a way around it I user Sprint Mobile email and Biz connect.

    Otherwise, there is the beta version of Seven, but that only works with Seven's beta site, and the beta doesn't seem to be running anymore. Although, I hacked the beta to connect to Sprint rather then Seven's beta server.
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    Which group do I search? I use Sprint as well. Is there a download or newer version that I am not aware of?
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    Here is a fix to the problems with the 700p version of BizCon PE installed on the 755p. This only applies to the 755p with a subscription to Sprint Business Connection Personal Edition. The Bizcon Palm Client and the Desktop PC must have the Sprint Business Connection Personal Edition installed also.

    1. Use Filez to change Bizcon App Name to -izCon.
    2. Use Filez to change Bizcon Creator to -EVN.
    3. Use Palm OS (Not Filez) to delete App -izCon.
    4. Install Sprint Mobile Email.

    Install the new Mobile Email application from the Sprint Digital Lounge. It will find your Bizcon PE settings and will push email.
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    Thanks! I'm glad to have Business Connection back working on my new Palm Centro.
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    Does anyone know if this solution will continue to work after Sprint "retires" Business Connection Personal Edition

    Effective September 1, 2008, Business Connection Personal Edition will be retired.
    BCEE Decommission []
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    Sprint hosts a mail server that ricochets messages from your desktop to the palm via the website

    If it goes down, so does Bizcon.
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    Apparently Email work does the same through Sprint Email application (but not for palm devices), right? Should we hold out any hope for Sprint or Seven to find a solution before 9/1?
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    No way.

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