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    I noticed a few specs of dust in between the LCD and the digitizer on my 700P a couple of months ago and it is getting worse. Just about the entire LCD area has some specs now. I use a silicone case on it but it apparently doesn't protect it well enough. Any suggestions short of opening the phone and doing some surgery? I called verizon and they said they can replace it for $50, they consider it as cosmetic damage and they won't replace it for free.. kinda sucks.
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    Are those even layers of the screen you can separate to clean between? I'd pay the 50 bucks.

    How did dust get in between there in the first place? For giggles, let's assume it is moisture droplets, if so, try this -- seal the Treo in a tupperware container or zip lock bag with as many silica packets as you can find. (You know those little moisture absorbing packets you find in shoe boxes and electronic packaging.)

    Leave over night, see if any of those "specs" start going away. If so, repeat the process until all the specs are gone. Those packets can suck the moisture right out between the screen layers if that is the problem. If it is dust, I am baffled.

    P.S. If you do not have silica packets, you can use a cup or two of uncooked instant rice -- just wrap the Treo in tissue first so that rice dust does not get all over it.
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    No, they're definitely dust specs. Yeah, it baffles me as well. I think it's just faulty assembly in my opinion, but I couldn't get VZN to understand that. We'll see.. I might just fork over the $50.00.
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    This happened to my 700P (which my son has now) after about a year of use with no case and always in front pocket. I am not all that convinced that it's dust - could be LCD artifacts since I noticed them more after a severe drop. I did however open it up to see if I could clean it out. The digitizer and LCD are pretty well adhered to each other with very small gaps in the seams that it is possible that dust could get in. I tried to separate them but it would have taken extreme force to do so, and I didn't want to risk breaking the screen. I just left it alone and got the 755P. I now carry it in a horizontal case on my belt to see if this helps with the dust problem. I haven't dropped it yet, so the screen (no protector) is still pristine after six months.
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