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    i'm using an unlocked treo 680. After patching today to 2.11 i've got some issues with the keylights. Its not realy a big problem, but it bothers me in some way. Because i doesen't need the keylights, i've deactivated them with the application kslight. Before the patch, i experienced no "problems", keylights were permanently off. But since i applied the rom-update, every time i wake up my treo the keylights flashes up for a second, although i deactivated them. Am I the only one who's bothered by this? Maybe someone here got similar experience? Is there a way to solve this "problem"?
    Thanks for answering in advance.
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    Same here. Unsolved?
    Patrick Horne
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    Same here.

    When I get a txt msg, they blink for a second, and occasionally when plugged into the charger, the keylights come on.

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