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    I'm here the the San Jose area for the week and I'm wondering if there are any retail stores that have accessories for the Centro. I would like to buy a case (skin) and a replacement stylus.

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    Your best shot probably is the Palm store in the Valley Fair shopping center. The do have cases (Sena, Palm Air, Body Glove, maybe others) and skins (not sure of the name, but they're the ones with print on them, not the clear ones).

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    What about the store at Palm's HQ in Sunnyvale? I believe there is one.
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    Thanks. I did go to the corporate store but they didn't have any skin cases or stylus but I did buy the new Garmin XT GPS. Used it last night to find my hotel. Worked great!!!
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    As a Worker here @ the Mall...

    You can always Browse the mall

    Valley Fair is open
    Monday-Friday 10-930
    Saturday 10-9pm
    and Sunday 11-7pm

    Happy Shopping.
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