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    Hello All,

    I've search and can't seem to find the answer - maybe its too simplistic?

    My 755p has a 2gb card that I have a bunch of various file types - docs, xls, pdf, mp3, jpeg, etc. - they are all in their respective folders and shows up on my computer as my H:\ drive with all the proper folders with their respective files in the proper folders. BTW my 755p uses "Card Reader" for this if that makes a difference.

    My question is, I just bought a 4gb card and it also shows up on my computer as my H:\ drive. So far so good.

    So what I did was copy my 755p H:\ drive files from my 2gb card over to my computer, then I ejected the 2gb card from my 755p and inserted my 4gb card - I then copied each folder from my computer that came from my 2gb card and put them on my 4gb card that is now in my 755p.

    I can see them all on my new 4gb card in my 755p thru Kinoma, Pocket tunes, Pics & Videos and everything - so far so good.

    But when I go to my Doc To Go (the embeded version 8) I see them but they are in the "unfiled" catagory - so when I try and put them in the correct catagory - it tells me there is an existing file named like that and I should rename the file before I can catagorize it. So I simply put a 4 after each file name and saved the file, then went back in and then put it in the proper catagory - so technically I have no problem - everything works and is in the proper catagory - but was that the way to transfer my files from a smaller card to a larger where you have to save the file as a different name?

    I can't delete the "4" after each file because it keeps saying there is another file by that name - I could leave everything as is, as a reminder this file is on a 4gb card or erase the files and recopy them from the original source drive holding the original file - but that seems rather awkward to do it that way.

    Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    I believe the Docs to Go PC app needs to be responsible for transferring the files over. Try this: Move the files back to your PC from the SD card. Open Docs to Go on your PC and select the files to transfer. You can select the SD card as the destination. Sync your Treo and try to open the files again. I bet it works.
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    Hello chronic25,

    I can't remember a Docs To Go app on my computer - unless you mean that after I connect to my computer I tell the Docs To Go in my 755p to go and get the files.

    If that is what you mean, I can't see an option to go "get" the files from my computer - on my 755p I only see Search for files on my handset/card, delete file, beam file, send file, print, move to handheld.

    Am I missing something? Btw, I use Outlook and not Palm Desktop - does that make a difference?

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    There's a PC Component of Docs To Go if you install it from the .exe installer. It sync's your docs through Palm Desktop.
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    So I take it that the embeded Docs To Go doesn't have the .exe installer - maybe the upgraded version or possibly from a download or CD? Anyway, it looks that I have two problems - no .exe and I use Outlook.

    Oh well, I'm up and running anyway - I just wanted a spare card that was identical to what I have in case I am somewhere where my card crashes - so with my spare card and NVBackup on both - I should be able to bring my 755p back in cash of a catastrophic error and blow a card out, at least I'll have a spare

    I'm thinking maybe it would have been more transparent in transfering files if both memory cards were the exact same type, size and brand.

    All is not to bad - at least I have more capacity - and there is a work around if I ever wanted the exact file name.

    Thanks you guys for your help!
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    If your desktop is Bluetooth enabled, you can move the files back and forth using an application such as Card Reader or Blue Files. I also have DTG, from V8 up to V10.02 and never sync via DTG - too cumbersome. I move files back and forth via one of the applications above. As a note, the only time I use a physical card reader is when I have a very large file to move and am in a hurry; otherwise, strictly Bluetooth.

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    Docs to Go relies on the card's name. When you change cards you need to make changes to Docs to Go desktop, otherwise it will identify your new card as unknown and not sync files.
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    I was thinking of that but didn't know for sure - because I copied over some of the hidden files on the card after peeking inside the hidden files it showed what I named the card - in my case, 2GBCARD and 4GBCARD.

    I wonder if after the fact I rename the 4GBCARD to 2GBCARD if that would fix the problem then, since it seems to remember the file's path associated with the card name?

    If worst comes to worst, I'll just retransfer the files from the original location on my computer's HD.

    Funny, you and others have mentioned Docs to Go desktop on a PC and even today as we speak, my Boss out of the blue asked me if I had Docs to Go desktop - It must have been on my CD that came with my phone and I didn't load it - or maybe it is a download form Dataviz?

    I guess I'll have to check around.

    Thanks for the info - keep it coming if you know where the I can get the Docs to Go desktop.
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    I just went to dataviz and found the Docs to Go desktop - I guessing since I have version 8.02 - I need to upgrade to free version 8.03 which come with it the Docs to Go desktop.

    I'll have to check it out - Thanks for the info guys!
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