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    It seems that the Bluetooth on my Verizon 755p is causing problems... It pairs with my 05 Acura TL just fine but upon exiting the car, when the car terminates the link, the phone often reboots. Once it got stuck in a loop whereby I kept seeing the "Access Powered" screen and the Palm logo over and over again... I had to hard reset the device to get it unstuck.

    Also, the Treo would randomly reset several times during the day if Bluetooth was left on, even though it wasn't paired to anything (while I was at work).

    I've been leaving the Bluetooth off lately and now I haven't been getting any random resets...

    This is very annoying, I can't believe I waited so long for this device to be released by Verizon, and it's still defective...
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    I've had the same problem with a Sony BT headset. Bluetooth off - no problems. Bluetooth on - random resets. I've read where others with my same headset don't have problems, but have yet to figure it out. Hope you find out something I haven't.

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