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    So today I was reading a "how to" on the Centro and it showed that Google maps was intergrated into the contacts app. Meaning that on a Centro if you go into contacts, highlight someone's name and press the center button on the five way, one of the options that shows up along with "done" "edit" and "new" is "map". Pretty cool being able to map an address from the contacts page rather than having to go into Google maps and look up the address and map it from there. Just for fun on my 680 I went to contacts and highlighted a contact name then pressed the center five way and wouldn't you know it, along with all the other buttons the "map" button pops up for just a second then disappears. Bummer. Anyone think they could hack the 680 so we could get "map" on our contact screen?
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    On the 700, you only had to copy a couple of the files from the uploaded 755p rom and make sure that you have a recent version of googlemaps.

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