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    Quote Originally Posted by rayfield View Post
    further observations*:
    2) battery performance significantly improved
    Agreed. I estimate at least 30% improved (non-scientific). I use Chatter with 6 accounts online: 5 IMAP w/IDLE and 1 Exchange. I usually have to charge my 680 every night. however, I did not charge it overnight (but email accounts sleeping from 10 to 6) and still had enough power to make calls up to 11 this morning.
    I've noticed one energy-saving technique seems to be an extreme in screen dimming during a call.
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    Just finished the update but lost all my Favorites. Any idea how to restore them?


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    I updated mine (via SD) with the Singapore's version (2.12 vs 1.12 in US). I restored from NVBackup (after deselecting the 3 files).

    My usage is very basic ie no emails, no BT, no surfing of internet; only PIM, phone & SMS. So my hope for this upgrade are basic & here are their observations after the upgrade :

    (1) Power Mangement improvements
    - after over night charging & unplugging from wall power outlet, battery level still does not stay at 100% (97% for last nite charging)
    - assessment in progress for TGP (The Glen Phenomenon)

    (2) Speed
    - basing on Palm Internal, Speed Test shows 15s (prior to upgrade) to 30sec after the upgrade
    - I noticed KeyCapHack & TextPlus is slightly handicapped now.

    (3) Hang when answering incoming calls.
    - assessment in progress; still too early.

    Am I happy? No.
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