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    Quote Originally Posted by tck View Post
    For those having reset loops after restoring from Backup Applications (NVBackUp, Backupman etc), better not to restore these files : CameraLib-camL, HsNav, HsNav_enUS and a temp installer files.

    Taken from
    If you have previously updated with the patches released by Palm for the battery drain and security issue fix, also exclude the lfollowing files (CameraLib-camL, HsNav, HsNav_enUS and a temp installer file)
    Thanks tck, my update went without a hitch but still having a reset while trying to restore using BBVFS.
    How do I identify the "temp installer files"? I located and deselected the others but that did not help. Any other ideas?
    What's the purpose of BBVFS if I have to revert to the incomplete hotsyc restore?
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    Did unlocked update, the process ran smoothly. You have to reset the stylus/screen interface in the middle of the process and then it takes you on a little tour, you need to realize it isn't finished after that and it still resets a couple of times. Overall speed seems to be the same but I did notice that the name lookup (first initial an first few letters of surname) is a lot faster - can anyone confirm this observation? Also the name of my mobile service provider now appears on the phone screen which didn't happen before. Too early to tell if battery life is vastly improved. Also too early to tell if phone still locks up when answering some calls - we'll see...

    All apps incl 3rd party apps were still there with data intact.

    Amendment to above: The one app which didn't work anymore (palm does soft reset when running the app) is the IBM Java app and all associated Java apps. This was solved by deleting reinstalling the Java VM. It is still available for download but will apparently be discontinued so I suggest you download a copy now.

    Further amendment: Another fix seems to be that the system time no longer changes when a soft reset occurs. I used to find that every time I did a soft reset the system time was hours out of date. This appears to have been fixed.
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    Updated in about 20 minutes, no issues. The update seemed like it was stuck a few times, no activity, but everything went fine in the end.

    Battery Life does seem improved. I took the phone off the charger at work at 5PM yesterday. It is now 6:30 AM and I have 72% charge. That works out to 48 hours of battery life.

    Bluetooth is on, Exchange active Sync set to get items as they arrive. IR is turned on. One short phone call.

    2 days of life is very very good for the 680. I might forego the 1600 mAh battery!
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    Update worked for me on my UK-purchased phone too. Did make me reinstall ChatterMail though (a bit rich as it's a Palm product now!) Took about 35 minutes.

    Silly question though - how do you assign an mp3 file as a ringtone? The ringtone list only seems to show the same files as before the upgrade.

    [Edit - very silly question, it's already been answered!]
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    So, i need to know, i have a Treo 680 Not unlocked, CLARO carrier, is possible install the new update? Software 1.07 - LAT. Some one help me?
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    i now have r01.91 and 1.09 row after installing the cust rom posted in the forum. can i use this latest update?
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    I tried installing the update using a 4GB SD Card and I get a "files are corrupt" message after I try to start the install.

    I am using a cheap Connect3D 4GB SD card. I reformatted it, and then copied the entire "Palm" folder over like the instructions say. Then I started up on my Treo and it goes through the first part of the install before getting the error.

    The interesting thing is that I think the release notes say this update adds 4GB SD card support. I have been using a 4GB SD card with my Treo 680 since I got the device. I normally use a Transcend 150x in it, not the Connect3D.

    I am looking around for a smaller SD card to try the update with...

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    All worked fine for me and now my Bluetooth works in my car again!

    BT V3.2A to now BT V3.2C... whatever than means.

    All apps reinstalled and working... took 22 minutes total.
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    I have an unbranded/unlocked Treo 680 that I bought from and am using on tmobile. Last night, I installed the update from my Mac (meaning I did the SD card installation). The install seemed to go ok, took about 20 minutes, and then I hotsynced via bluetooth to put all of the data back on my phone. The sync took a VERY long time and quit unexpectedly 3/4 of the way through. I noticed several applications on the phone that hadn't been there in a long time (apps I've deleted since my last sync), so I re-deleted them, and then noticed my calendar and contacts were not refreshed yet, so I decided to sync again. I got the calendar items, and what seemed to be my contacts, so I was happy. This morning, however, I've noticed the only contacts that show up are the ones from my sim card, and now I've synced several times since (this time on my PC), and I can't seem to get those contacts back to my phone. HELP!!!
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    All I can say is - after reading all of these posts, and finally gotten my 680 to be stable and wonderful again after accidentally deleting everything off of it.....I don't think I'm going to try this update! I don't feel like tempting fate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenchi-Man View Post
    No Push to talk, no IM
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    grab the .prc from a cingular rom... but PTT and IM will work only with AT&T ... those are customized version that cannot be used with any other operators...
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    On TMO, already tried. Thx anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tck View Post
    For those having reset loops after restoring from Backup Applications (NVBackUp, Backupman etc), better not to restore these files : CameraLib-camL, HsNav, HsNav_enUS and a temp installer files.
    Does this list include the files that were part of the DST update?
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    From clicking the download on the Palm site to clicking FINISH on the installer tool - it only took 26 minutes. Most of the suspense is in the front and last 1/3 of the installer when things make you wonder if they're working. Be patient - and hopefully all will come out OK. The only minor item for me was needing to reset my application categories. Everything else seems OK so far - just wish I could find a condensed list of what user-visible things changed.

    Good Luck!
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    Since the SD card update wasn't working for me, I decided to try with my XP machine at work. After getting the "Lost connection" error a lot of times when it was resetting the device right at the start, I finally decided to do a hard reset of my Treo 680. I figured the firmware update was deleting everything anyway, so I might as well have it start with a clean slate. I use NVbackup, so I figured I could restore from that.

    The update worked at that point and went through smoothly.

    After it finished I tried restoring from my NVbackup backup and it went into a reset loop. So then I did another hard reset and updated from my XP PC with a hotsync. So far that seems to have worked. I am still checking to see if I need to restore things individually from NVbackup.

    Total time was probably 2 hours. That includes all of the attempts with SD cards and all of the initial attempts over USB and the attempts to restore the device apps/data. Not exactly great, but I am used to wasting a lot of time trying to get things working on Palm devices.
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    Did the update and it only took 15 minutes total. I was surprised that all the data was just the way I left it. Especially since I had to go through the complete intro. I even think my T-Mobile service is better now. I don't think that was supposed to be fixed but I couldn't get service while at church but last night I had 3 to 4 bars the whole time. Haven't really noticed any battery life increase because I have it on the cradle most of the day while I work.
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    Well, I thought I was all done, but then I did another Hotsync and that one ended up taking another 15 minutes and a reset afterward. I am thinking it was because I didn't update the time on my Treo before the first restore Hotsync.

    The second long Hotsync seems to have fixed a lost registration problem with Chatter and Hilauncher.

    Maybe things are back working...
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    Quote Originally Posted by eKeith View Post
    How do I identify the "temp installer files"? I
    I usually look for a file starting with "Temp..." For mine it was created after installing the camera & security update.

    Quote Originally Posted by PatrickS View Post
    Does this list include the files that were part of the DST update?
    I dont remember any files were appended when doing DST update, & Palm site (for this update) did not mention any files that were added. I dont know where the updates is done in the software - maybe someone here knows.

    Looks like restoring with Hot-Sync (instead of restoring from backup applications) after Updating the ROM is the safest.
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    why do you have to use an sd card for windows vista?
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