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    Hi Everyone

    I was thinking about going to 755p from my Centro (because of the keyboard and battery) but due to price reasons I am now considering a 700p. How is the 700p in terms of stability etc? I know that it has older versions of docs2go and versamail etc but I figured that shouldn't be an issue.

    I am just worried because I've heard bad things about 700p with it being slow, crashes occasionally etc. Thanks all
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    I left the 700p for the 755p, I wouldn't go there.

    How long have you had the Centro? I would give the keyboard a chance and consider a 2nd battery. I played with Centro for a few minutes a couple of nights ago at the Sprint store. Nice feel and snappy. I think you have the best PalmOS Treo in your hand right now.

    TextPlus might help the typos.
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    I agree with Perry.
    I wouldn't trade a Centro for a 700p. IMO that would be a step backwards.

    Your battery concerns will be resolved if you back an extended battery (once they come out). After a couple of weeks on my 700p, I bought the extended battery.

    Good Luck
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    I went from the 700p to the Centro, and I wouldn't go back. You'll get used to the keyboard, and you can get another OEM battery on ebay. They are small enough to carry a spare. The Centro is more stable also. With that said, I can can make you a deal on a 700p with accessories. :-)
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    I went from a 650 to the Centro and would not go back to the 650.

    I still have a 700p active on Sprint and it works farkin great. No resets, no lag, no freeze ups, no BT problems, no Blazer problems, no sms problems and no card problems. I use it more than the Centro.

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    My 700p was rock solid - I did recently updrade to the 755p, mainly because I wanted to get rid of the antenna (and I was able to pass the 700 on to the next family member). I toyed with the Centro. nut the keyboard size was the deciding factor.

    There isn't a huge difference between the 700 and 755; however, some have reported issues with lags / resets with the 700.
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    i see... I had my Centro for about 1.5 months now. keyboard is really bothersome because I make mistakes typing an email or a text. It is taking me longer than usual to get used to it. It looks like everyone is thinking that the Centro is much better though. I guess I'll have to reconsider it. My concerns with the 700p are people complaining of slow speeds and of course it is an older phone.
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    After four hard resets and continuing problems including 2 random resets per day, I'd suggest you stay away from the 700p. Given your options and considering you are not taking to the Centro keyboard, I'd get the 755p if I were in your situation. On the other hand, how much time do you have left with the Centro?....probably 30 days, right? Not sure what's on the horizon but if you can wait it out for whatever is next, that may be your best bet. Just my opinion.
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    I have had my 700p for a year plus and I cant wait to upgrade...but I am holding out for the Linux Treo (unless a WinMo phone can entice me like the Samsung i760 comes along on Sprint). The 700p is more sluggish than my girlfriend's 755p, and less stable. If I were you, go for the 755p if you cant get used to the Centro.
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    Ok so I ended up getting a Treo 700p. I still have not switched my number over yet. But my friend was selling it for a price I couldn't resist. I'm still using my Centro but I am checking out the 700p to see if it crashes or has stability issues. It seems fine for now. What should I check before I decide to transfer my number. Thanks everyone for your input!
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    What is the firmware version? Phone screen > menu > info.
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    This is what it says under software:


    what exactly does that mean? Thanks!
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    That means you have the latest firmware so there is nothing you need to do there.

    If you had an older firmware then you had the tough choice of upgrading or leaving it alone. Some upgraded with no problems, me included, but others bricked their phone when they tried, even though they said they followed the proper procedure.
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    Wait, did you do a hard reset first before you started using it? That would be a good idea just to make sure you have a nice clean start with the phone.
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    Hi Gaster yeah I did a hard reset with the new phone. I think the new rom must have been on the phone when it shipped. My friend who sold me the phone said that he never did a rom update. It hasn't caused me any trouble yet so I transferred my number over.

    Couple of small issues though:
    1. web--> home button is slow (slower than Centro but it's fine)
    2. google maps is not included and when I download it from the web, it took up almost a meg of space (anyway to install that on the memory card?)
    3. bluetooth dropped my headset once (but thats about it)

    Thanks for all your help guys!

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