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    A couple of weeks ago I upgraded my Treo 650 to a new 755p from Verizon. I use the phone for my business, particularly for checking emails. A co-worker decided to upgrade to a 755p as well. We've had some time to use our new Treos and we are both experiencing random 'freeze-ups' where the Treo won't react to any button input and everything just completely locks up. I've seen this last for up to about 10-15 seconds. After the freeze-up, everything returns to normal and all of the button pressing you did during the freeze period suddenly execute all at once. What gives?

    Both Treos were basically doing this out of the box. Mine now has a lot of applications on it, while my co-worker's Treo is still running the factory default applications. Both are still randomly freezing. I also notice a lot of lag when I press buttons in applications, particularly in the phone application and when flipping through the different application categories. I also noticed something that I had experienced with previous Treos where the sound effects made by pressing a button would play two or three times very quickly, when they should only be playing once (ie: you hit a button, making that "bop" noise, but it makes a "triple-bop" instead, as if it lagged up during the button press).

    Did we both end up with duds that should be returned for replacements? When I switch back over to my 650, it feels lightning fast compared to my new 755p, and there isn't any of the annoying lag between screens or random freeze-ups. If it weren't for the shotty Blue-Tooth, lack of EVDO, and broken headphone jack, I would have just stayed with my 650 :\

    Update #1: Original Treo 755p from Verizon locked up on the "Access Powered" screen, had to replace it as there is no known way of fixing this issue (not even a hard reset works). Verizon store replaced it on January 17th, 2008 (15 days from time of first use).

    Update #2: Replacement Treo 755p from Verizon locked up on the "Access Powered" screen. Verizon store replaced it February 4th, 2008 (18 days from time of first use).

    So far, my new Treos appear to have a life expectancy of around 2-3 weeks. This is not an issue I've ever had with previous Treos. With my Treo 650, I'd sometimes go for months without even synching it. Now, I feel like I have to back up my data at least daily and don't trust this phone at all for when I have business trips.
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    Man what the hell did they change in the Verizon 755p. I hear all these issues that I don't see on my Sprint one.
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    I have experienced some similar lags lasting 3-5 seconds. I usually experience this either using blazer and trying to execute a command before the page has finished loading, or if I am bouncing between applications when wireless sync tries to push.

    This does not happen to me all the time, I think it occurs in low signal areas, but then I have only had this phone for just over a month.

    But then on other occasions I can bounce between apps at vicious speeds and experience no lag issues. I was bouncing between datebk6, contacts, and greatdates making small changes on over 100 contacts and saw no lag whatsoever.

    That is my 2 cents for what its worth.
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    What is te signal strength like when this happens? I have this happen on my 700p when the signal is marginal.
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    My 755p on Sprint does the same thing with marginal signal strength. My 700p did the same thing after the MR. after I got the 700p replaced with the previous software version, it no longer had that problem. After my 700 died, Sprint replaced it with the 755 we go again. I would love to find a way to stop this. It's obviously an issue with the new MR.

    Okay, maybe it's not exactly signal strength, but it seems to happen when switching between 1xRTT and EVDO due to marginal strength in a high-rise. At home, when I have great EVDO coverage, I have no issues at all.
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    DJT...I have exact same issues. I seem to experience the lockups when the device is doing a wireless hotsync. When I change the auto-sync settings from "as it arrives" to 15mins (or any time interval) the phone operates much better!!! I get a ton of email and calender updates, I really think that is the PROBLEMO!!

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    odd. I don't have lockups, lags or freezes of any kind whatsoever on my 755.
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    Having the same issues here with a Verizon Treo 755p...
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    I have this issue on my Sprint 755p. It happens when you lose and regain the (cellphone) network. Try listening to Pocket-Tunes when you go into an elevator, or on a train going into a tunnel. You'll probably hear the network loss signal, followed shortly by the network regained signal. Then the lag begins, soon afterwards... your music will stutter until the Treo regains equilibrium.

    I contacted Sprint about this, and they basically said it's due to the design of the overall system (hw/sw). I wasn't happy with the answer...

    As an educated guess, I would say it's a software issue. There appears to be a race condition happening in the software module responsible for cellular network (not TCP/IP) connection management. Probably causing said module(s) to not yield the CPU to other processes needing CPU time.

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    I'm not sure this has anything to do with losing the connection all together, as I've been on a phone call before during a freeze-up and, while the screen still freezes, the call does not. Perhaps it has something to do with low signal, though. It's hard to tell, as I'm usually in some kind of application when it freezes and I can't change to a different screen until the freeze is over.

    In addition to this problem, my co-worker apparently had a total lockup on his Treo last night (twice), which forced him to remove the battery to reset the phone. There definitely seems to be a noticeable performance problem on the Verizon 755p when compared to my 650.
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    Hmmm, OK.... Vive la difference! I've noticed similar behavior when VersaMail is automatically updating/checking mail in the background. I turned that off the other day. Are you using this or another mail app in a similar manner?

    IMHO, I'd guess the non-network related parts of the cellphone subsystem of the Treo are a bit more autonomous, compared to the computer parts. I'd love to see systems architecture/work flow diagrams of this device...

    As for the lockups, they happen to most Palm devices, sooner or later. I do miss the reset switch like they had on the 650...

    Hopefully, now that Verizon also has the 755p, there'll be enough customer complaints to force the carriers to ask Palm for a ROM update...
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    Other than the fact that I have a Sprint Treo 755p, I don't use versamail at all.
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    Another update... Just a little while ago my Treo 755p got stuck at the Access Powered screen after it locked up and I tried to soft reset it (removed the battery). From what I can tell, this means I'm pretty much SOL and have to get a new phone. I am totally shocked at out big of a piece of junk this 755p is compared to my old 650. In all the Treos I've owned, I don't think I've ever had one perform so poorly and die so quickly on me :\
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    Managed to get a replacement 755p from the local Verizon store last night. So far, the new one has randomly rebooted on me a couple times, once during a phone call, and still appears to have some screen/button lag. However, it doesn't appear to be as bad as the last one, so maybe whatever caused the last 755p to die was also amplifying the lag issue. I don't know what Verizon did to these things, but it sure seems like their versions of this phone are a lot more problematic than the Sprint ones.
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    Same here I got a replacement 755p from Verizon and this one seems better.

    For good measure I installed Reset Doctor and have it clear dbcache automatically at 8 Mb.
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    Your problem is caused by setting Versamail to "When items arrive," and being in a low signal area. The only way to limit the lockups(doesn't stop the entirely) is to set your activesync to 15 minutes or higher. Hope this helps.
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    Yet another update. Guess what my replacement 755p from Verizon just did? Yes, froze up again. I'm looking at the friendly "Access Powered" screen once more and it looks like I get to drag this mobile paperweight in to the Verizon store yet again for another replacement.

    I've owned my fair share of Treos over the years and many of them required replacements. However, it was normally for parts of the phone that could not withstand normal use (like the headphone jack). This is just getting absurd, though, and there is an unacceptable amount of crashes and complete freeze-ups that myself and co-workers have experienced with the Verizon 755p. This will be the second one I've had lock up on "Access Powered" in three weeks. What on earth did Verizon do to these things???

    Has anyone come up with a way to recover from these "Access Powered" freeze-ups yet, or at least prevent them? You can't even do a hard reset when it happens, which means the phone just becomes totally useless. Being someone who travels for work fairly often, this is starting to look like a pretty serious issue. I don't want to be halfway across the country and have the device holding all my phone numbers and information just decide to crap out on me.
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    did you install your apps that you had on your 650 to the 755p - it may possibly be that one of those apps might not be capatible - and did you install the apps one at a time or thru a backup using something like NVBackup?

    I understand that as a general rule the 755p might not be as snappy as the 650 - but you have more capability, EVDO, etc.
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    I would go through the usual, what apps do you have installed, have you run dbfixit, etc etc, but I can't really help much because I'm not using a Verizon 755p, so it could be completely different (especially since I've never even seen an "Access" screen freeze).

    One other thing to try, use Resco Locker and lock any apps that run constantly in the background into memory.
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    I also have my share of lockups, and I've had my share of resets where it seemed like the boot process has frozen, but actually it hasn't if you give it enough time.

    Only once did I actually think the boot process froze that required me to pull the battery in reinstall to "kick start" it.

    I've had my phone for about a month.

    Like yourself, I use mine mostly for business and having it go crazy or become non-functional is completely unacceptable. However, from the number of people I've read that don't have as frequent problems as yourself, and with how often you've exchanged the phone and continue to have problems, I'd venture to conclude there might be something with either the software you use, how your using the phone, or the environment the phone is in.

    On the other hand, Palm is not so innocent. I've worked in R&D and product development for many years and I tell you, there comes a time where getting SOMETHING MARGINAL out the door becomes more important than getting something PERFECT BUT LATE out the door. There's definately a lot of pluses to releasing a marginal product and I'm sure Palm was well aware of what they were doing when they released the T755p, along with all the marginal products it's released for so many years before.
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