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    Hi All,

    Installed DateBook 4 and it kept on crashing my system - so I removed it. I use Silverscreen and I could see that its created DatebkStub, which is exactly the same size as my Datebook+ file.

    When I try to remove DateBkStub, Datebook+ also pops into the trashcan .... so I can't just erase one. Obviously I don't want to erase both of them, only DatebkStub, so my question is....

    How do I nuke this sucker dead?

    Thanks in advance,
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    I posted this in the Platinum forum b/c I'm running a Platinum with 3.5 OS ... hope this wasn't the wrong place to put this!
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    DateBook+ is in ROM-- it cannot be deleted through the normal manners. It sounds like Silverscreen is telling you incorrect information.

    ...unless if you're using something that does something funky. You should be able to delete DateBkStub with no ill effects (it's also called DtbkPlusStub if you use Z'Catalog, Filez or the built-in PalmOS Launcher).

    I suspect you're using Silverscreen's interface to delete apps. If you're really concerned about what Silverscreen is telling you, I recommend that you temporarily disengage Silverscreen and return to the built-in launcher to delete the file. i.e. tap on the Menu silkscreen, then select Delete. Locate DateBkStub and tap Delete. Works every time for me and it leaves DateBook+ alone.

    DateBk4 doesn't create DateBkStub-- if I recall, that's a separate app you as a user (optionally) installs. If you don't remember how you installed the product, you might have also inadvertantly installed the dbSetup and dbScan PRC files-- they, as well as the DateBk4DB preference won't go away when you delete DateBk4. With the exception of DateBkStub, they should not affect the operation of your Visor (some folks leave dbSetup on to delete the extra shortcuts you get when you reset your Visor).

    If you want to delete dbSetup, dbScan and DateBk4DB, use the method I described above and you should be fine.
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    ProjectZero -

    Thanks for your help! Problem solved - I used Filez to delete it as the Menu Launcher delete screen couldn't see DateBkStub - it didn't even show on the launcher, although you could see it if you looked in the Category change screen.

    If nothing else I've learned a bit about the Palm OS's filing system from this experience...

    Thanks again,


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