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    I'm not a regular here, but figure I can get much better, quicker answers from forum members than from Verizon. First time Smart Phone user too. Previously owned Palm Lifedrive until I recently lost it after several years. With the 755P, I don't particularly want or need internet and IM only rarely. But since I don't have many other Palm options, and since I'm forced to pay Verizon for Internet package, I may would occasionally use email. But as auto dealer I use 2 professional 3rd party apps for auto auctions values, etc. After installing 3rd party apps and their files, I only have 8 mb of memory left, and email downloads are painfully slow.

    1. If I add a mini sd card, can I load the 3rd party apps onto the card, or do all apps have to reside on 755P OS?

    2. If app cannot reside on card, can files that are downloaded weekly for 3rd party apps reside on card? If yes, how do I do that?

    3. Often times, when going from app to phone (whether 3rd party or not) machine locks up and I have to do a soft reset? Is there a cure, i.e. is it a Treo problem or most likely a conflict with 3rd party apps? Never had this problem with Lifedrive, but didn't have phone either.

    4. OEM battery barely makes it thru day if NOT used much. Is this normal?

    5. Does extended battery need different battery cover thereby increasing the size of the phone. Which extended battery do I need?

    6. Bluetooth - is there anyway to use voice dial or is the Palm OS just too old for that technology? I have a MOTO H700 earpiece.

    7. Is it likely when Palm introduces new software that we'll be able to get an upgrade or will upgrade only be included in new phones?

    I apologize for all ignorance and therefore all of my questions. Whenever I call Verizon, they simply say, "hold on and I'll get a manual". I have a 30 day trial and it's getting close to 'gut check time' about keeping 755P or going to windows based unit, or trying to find another Palm Pilot. Thanks.

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    1) Depends on the app. Some need to be run from internal memory to function properly.

    3) I don't have this problem on my Treo 755p. Maybe you have some corruption issue somewhere.

    4) Depends on a lot of factors. What's enabled? Turn off Beams if you dont' use it. Turn off BT if you don't use it. Do you have push email or pull email enabled? How often does it pull? Is anything using a constant data connection?

    5) Depends on which size extended battery you get. Check out Seidio's website. Some use the OEM cover, others require a larger. I have the largest, 3200. I can run my phone for roughly 3 days on average use without charging. I don't make a lot of phone calls, so if you do of course the battery life will be shorter than this, since phone calls kill the battery faster than data does.

    7) There's no way to pre-determine this. It's up to them.
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