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    newbie here

    trying to sync a users Treo 700P with outlook 2003. my organization uses exchange 2003 and the likes (server 2k3 etc)

    he wants his calender synced with his treo, however, this is the ONLY thing not working. here is his log from the latest hotsync

    HotSync operation started for Treo on 01/09/08 09:55:08

    OK Quick Install
    OK VersaMail
    AddIt Manager Conduit processing transactions
    MyTreoSP - Processing Transactions No Transactions Detected
    MyTreoSP - Retrieving Files
    Stored AddIt_data.pdb Version 208
    MyTreoSP - Installing Files
    Installing File AddIt_data.pdb Version 208
    MyTreoSP - Updating Databases
    AddIt - Processing Transactions No Transactions Detected
    AddIt - Retrieving Files No Resources To Retrieve
    AddIt - Installing Files No Files To Install
    AddIt - Updating Databases
    AdditSystem - Processing Transactions No Transactions Detected
    AdditSystem - Retrieving Files No Resources To Retrieve
    AdditSystem - Installing Files No Files To Install
    AdditSystem - Updating Databases
    Pushed C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Addit\AddIt_data.pdb to handheld
    Outlook Notes
    - Fast Sync
    OK Outlook Notes
    OK Media
    Outlook Calendar
    - Recovery Sync
    Outlook Calendar synchronization failed

    Outlook Contacts
    - Fast Sync
    OK Outlook Contacts
    Outlook Tasks
    - Fast Sync
    OK Outlook Tasks
    -- Backing up CarrierProfiles2 to C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Backup\CarrierProfiles2.PDB
    -- Backing up MMIDCache1 to C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Backup\MMIDCache1.PDB
    -- Backing up MMIDCache2 to C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Backup\MMIDCache2.PDB
    -- Backing up MultiMail Messages to C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Backup\MultiMail_Messages.PDB
    -- Backing up MultiMail Disconnected to C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Backup\MultiMail_Disconnected.PDB
    -- Backing up S7 Event Log to C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Backup\S7_Event_Log.PDB
    -- Backing up midataidcache to C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Backup\midataidcache.PDB
    -- Backing up Messages Database to C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Backup\Messages_Database.PDB
    -- Backing up NetworkProfiles2 to C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Backup\NetworkProfiles2.PDB
    -- Backing up psysLaunchDB to C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Backup\psysLaunchDB.PDB
    -- Backing up PmTraceDatabase to C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Backup\PmTraceDatabase.PDB
    -- Backing up Saved Preferences to C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Backup\Saved_Preferences.PRC
    -- Backing up Queries to C:\Program Files\Palm\Treo\Backup\Queries.PDB
    OK Backup

    HotSync operation completed on 01/09/08 09:56:05

    i've been told the fixes by palm, however, no solution is working. i was hoping you guys would know more in detail as to what i can do

    so far i've attempted:

    clearing cached files
    moving calender objects to new folder
    set a expiration date to re occurring events
    detect and repair
    re creating profile and syncing again
    different versions of office (03' and 07')

    what i havent tried so far:
    clearing treo to default
    re creating exchange mailbox and user account

    the user has close to 900 calender entries and i think this "may" be the issue. i would like to have those kept if possible, however, if its the reason then i dont mind if its fine with him.

    i have tried syncing with PalmOS 4.2 and it locks up on me.
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    Good luck. I have been fighting a similar issue with both 700p and now a 755p. My office uses exchange 2003 as well. My issue has the additional complication that I am using an IMAC. Using the parallel program and syncing through the window side, I was eventually able to sync the 700p with outlook. However, it took hours of consultation with the Palm support as well as the Windows support. The update from Tiger Leopard apparently limited my ability to sync at all with my mac.When I switched to the 755p, I was not able to sync even though I purchased Missing Sync for Palm and tried to use that. I think you may be able to sync a 700p and outlook if you enlist support from windows and palm, but it is currently a very painful time-consuming process. I am told by both Palm and windows support that "they are working on the problem, but have not yet gotten a workable solution." If anyone has found a solution, I would also be interested.

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