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    Okay, I got this installed and running on my 700p. The problem is, how do I get it to play files that aren't in the "MEM" file? That is the only file that pops up when I select "open file" in the drop down menu. When I downlaod videos from the internet on the phone, they are stored in my "pictures & videos". I can't seem to select to view them in TCPMP, only the Palm's native viewer. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Did you tap on the little envelope with the up arrow on it? It's near the top left side of the screen just below "mem://". This will bring you up a directory level.
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    Where? I just took 1 random picture and 1 short random video with my Treo. I can see them in "Pics & Vids", but in TCPMP, I only see these when I click on "open files"...

    PS- I don't currently have an SD card in my phone.
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