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    Hi all, I've been a long-time user of Butler (apparently a little over a year) and my "free upgrades" have apparently "run out." Well, I'm a little peeved over that, and since I don't use many of butler's features anyway I thought I'd see what the freeware community had cooked up.

    The only 'feature' I'm trying to emulate still is the "keylauncher" the one that lets you use the shortcut keys from the phone favorites to launch applications from anywhere, not just the phone screen. (i.e. hold in "g" to launch google maps, indispensable).

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a hack or app that gets this done, hopefully for free!

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    I don't, but can't you continue using Butler even after the free upgrades?

    I'm still in trial-mode with Butler, but can't see myself without it right now. Having the ability to send SMS to wipe it clean is worth the price of admission. Things like keylauncher (which is about the only other thing I'm using right now) is a bonus.
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    I'm using the last upgrade that I was "allowed" and haven't upgraded to any recent versions. That way, I'm still a registered user.

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