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    I was wondering anyone was having issues with text messages being severely delayed to their phone... For the past couple of weeks, I have intermittent message delays, where the message won't show up for hours after it was sent by the person messaging me.

    I assumed it was a network issue, and I called customer service to report it. They suggested that I power off my phone, take out the battery, wait five minutes, and then power it back up. I tried that, but it did not help the issue. Customer Service told me that if that didn't work, I should take my phone in to a nearby Sprint store for them to run a diagnostic on my phone.

    I really thought this would be a network issue, but is it possible that it's an issue with my Centro?
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    It is usually Sprint, it happens to my 755p most of the time.
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    It is the Network, sometimes I have the same issues and sometimes they come instantly. Maybe it is a tower issue?
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    It's the network. The carriers sit on the messages till it's convenient for them to go out, or till imps go out to buy ice skates, whichever comes first. I first observed the problem when testing Warden Security software on one of my Treos. It sent an SMS message to instigate a lock. The messaging delayed and delayed, and delayed some more, even though the vendor (Warden) was paying premium charges for "priority" treatment, they said.

    Since then I've seen this several times for normal messages, though not as bad - a few minutes instead of hours or never - and I've observed it texting from Treo 700p to Centro, as a test, while both were sitting on my desk, both connected to Sprint. Resetting the phone might fix something in the Centro's software, but it won't fix the carrier's bottlenecks.

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    Thanks for the information.. One thing I forgot to mention was that if somebody calls me (or if I check voice mail), within a few seconds of the phone call, if there are text messages that have been sent to me, they all suddenly arrive. It never fails... something about making a phone call forces the messages to arrive. I can't figure out why that hapens.
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    Somebody may come along and prove me wrong, but my understanding is that texts are sent and received on the signal that polls the towers with your location, not on the voice/data signal. Not an explantion for delays, but interesting.

    I most often get the delay when exchanging text with people on providers other than mine. Texting is the one thing that has always been rock solid for my Treos and Sprint. I did have a problem several weeks ago with text, voice and data; effected everybody I know in my area on Sprint. Sprint acknowledged the problem and cleared it up in a couple hours.
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    i used to have this problem all the time with nextel! hasnt happened yet i dont think since i switched to sprint three weeks ago. is there a simple explanation to why it happens?
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    On my 650 I had an occasion where I turned the phone radio off, then about an hour later I heard the tell-tale "beep-beep" of a message arriving! For some reason my Treo had delayed the message, not the network!

    Just so you don't entirely rule out the theory that the Centro is at fault....
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    It's definitely the network, and it's been happening to my treo in the past 12 months. Sometimes the messages could be delayed for days. It's a known issue on Sprint. Not sure if it's on Verizon or AT&T.
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    Idk why but two of my texts were stuck in the outbox? There's nothing wrong with the signal or anything. Now I wonder if its because I think they both contained a pic?
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    Do you think this is a problem between networks (i.e. AT&T->Sprint) or just a Sprint Network issue?

    I text to two other people all the time who are on Sprint...and it seems to be pretty quick.

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