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    I have a Treo 700p that works on the Sprint network but I have switched to ATT.

    I would love to trade out for a Treo 700p that works on ATT. If anyone is interested please email me @

    The phone has slight signs of wear but no scratches. I only used it for three months. I have all the original software, box, pc connector cable and a headset (not wireless). It also has the battery and charger, all in great shape.

    This phone has a still and video camera and I would love to trade for the same.

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    There is no 700p Treo for ATT. The 700p Treo phones are all CDMA only, (no SIM cards), and ATT is GSM and their phones use SIM cards.

    Try looking for a Treo 680, that will do the trick. They have the new housing style too without the antenna, so you might even like one of those better.
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    Although the 680 does not have 3G data.

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