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    Ok, I just buckled down and paid the 20 bucks for Handsprings blazer. I got a Voicestream Service nokia 8290 w/ir capabilites and everytime i connect to blazer I get an error message saying

    "The page cannot be loaded b/c the connection was lost or could not be established. Check network settings and make sure coverage is available if using a wireless device."

    Now there is a signal meter and I have turned on the ir beam on the phone and ir recieve on the Prism but nothing. Also the ir symbol on the left of the screen is solid.

    Is there some certain info I need to type in the Prism network settings in order to get this to work. Say goes with avantgo. I cant get a connection with that either.

    Someone help me out, i spent 20 bucks on this thing and I think im getting screwed over. Another thing. My service is based out of PA.

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    Make sure that in "Connection" from the preference panel on the prism that it is set to IrCOMM to modem i had to set up a custom new one and set it to that and dialing to touchtone etc. and in network that my isp was setup with the phone number and id and password etc. check these out and try it again.
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    Thanks, I didnt have any of that set.

    Now in the prism, under network, under service, What service provider did you use? Is Voicestream the service provider or just the modem providing the means to send the signal.

    If its not its own isp then would I have to go under details and enter the DNS of my current ISP I use for my home computer???

    Thanks for all your help.
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    My brain has been knocked loose and I understand what you mean. I was able to set it all up and I am good to go. Blazin with Blazer, i guess.

    Thanks for all your help. Now if we can get Monkey Pak to work I can go ahead and start looking for Logos and Tones on the web. I wont get any until I know its working so i dont spend any more cash only to lead to a headache.

    Thanks again!!!!!

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