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    I live in NY and I'm a long time Palm user but first time Treo (700p) user and would like to try the data package (Verizon) which I understand is unlimited e-mail and internet in the US for $44.95mo. I have a need though to be in Toronto (Canada) a couple times a month. I have the US and Canada 1400 minute (phone) plan which has worked well. Without that plan the cost per minute is $.69 cents or the (you have to be kidding me plan) you'd go broke.

    Back to the data question, I've talked to three different rep's at Verizon and have gotton three different answers from: there is no charge for data in Canada or 0.2 cents per 1kb to $.002 cents per kb.

    Can someone please tell me who uses this package if you're happy with it and what the cost actually is? If you spend the day in Canada and use the internet as well as e-mail are we talking pennies or big bucks for that daily usage?

    Also, has anyone used PDANET in the US as well as Canada and what was your experience?

    Thanks for your help
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    You can go to Hofo forums and ask in the Telus/Bell section. I don't know what your PRL will roam into which data network
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