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    I live in San diego ca and my phone acts funny too and i get pretty good reception but I can only use verizon because every other company just sucks but my bluetooth stays connected you should try the new motorola H12 and see if that works
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    AlexInPA brings up a very good point. As annoying as the issues with Palm's lame hardware and even lamer OS are to us in regular activities, its unreliability could really be a major issue in a life or death situation.

    From a voice/telephony standpoint, Palm's products are IMO by far the worst products on the market (or at least the worst of any smartphones I've seen).

    This is entirely the reason why I gave up using a Palm OS-based Treo as my daily voice phone well over a year ago and went back to the reliable 2-device system (small Moto flip KRZR + 700p/755p). In all likelihood I'll never use a smartphone, regardless of OS, as my only device, given the constant compromises of reception, voice quality, battery life and reliability.

    Alex's story brings to mind THE pivotal event that made me decide to go back to 2 separate devices:

    I was standing in the parking lot one day back in 2006 when a colleague drove off with his keys hanging in the door. I was standing in the parking lot watching him drive off and trying to call him on my VZW 700p. Between the lag on my 700p trying to exit Blazer, go to phone mode, pull up his cell number, and place the call, at least 60 seconds had passed before I hit the reset button in rage and waited for the phone to finish rebooting and logging onto the network. By the time I was able to get the guy on the phone, he was well down the road and had to make a u-turn in rush hour traffic and come back to get their keys. When asked "Why didn't you call me earlier?" I became quite flustered and embarressed as I tried to explain that I WAS trying but my phone wouldn't let me. That sort of stuff doesn't go over well ihn my book, especially on a $500+ smartphone.

    So now I just use the Treo as a wireless PDA/e-mail/SMS platform and leave the critical voice functionality to a reliable dumbphone.
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    Well, my Sprint Treo 755p is at least 10 times more reliable than 2 of the recent WM devices I've owned (HTC Titan and 700wx).

    So, I can't really agree with that statement at all.
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    I sympathize with your story. These phones work pretty well as phones most of the time. But when an emergency arises, you can't count on it to be a quick, reliable phone.

    AlexPA... I'm a full time paramedic. I keep my phone on my hip, and use it on the job when necessary. However, due to the aforementioned unreliability, which also occurs with many OTHER mobile phones, I'd recommend having your company issue duty cell phones (Nextels are popular), so that you can't be held personally liable for communications failure.
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    We have Nextel's on our ambulances but they only work in about 75% of our call area. CDMA phones work 95% of the time. That particular location was out of Nextel coverage, hence why I tried my cell which is Verizon based.

    From what I can tell, Sprint users don't have these problems. Verizon modifies the phone OS in some fashion. I think that is where the problems start...
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    I am in SE Pa, although closer to Philly, we have a lot more coverage than Alex a few dozen miles to the west. I must admit when I travel the PA turnpike, I do get drop off north of York, but by the time I'm north of Lancaster and closer to Hershey or Harrisburg I have full coverage. I spent a few days working in Lancaster this winter and had no problems.

    One thing which will reduce lag time is to go into the date/time preferences panel and set the Treo to 'get nothing,' i.e., manually set time zone, date and time. That way the unit isn't constantly looking for coverage.

    Another is to turn off any automatic syncing software. Verizon's suite of over-the-air synchronization tools are particularly miserable (and, if you aren't careful, will turn off synchronization with the desktop via cable ---- the options are buried several menues deep in the VZW applet).

    Finally, while going back to my T|X I was a huge fan of software like uncache and dbcache and other software which clears the cache, after seeing both a T|X and my last 755p bricking up, and then my replacement Treo not running any such software without any resets for days at a time, I believe in letting the OS take care of the dbcache now. Don't get me wrong, I have immense respect for Alex Pruss and Dmitri Grinberg --- I just don't feel like messing with the flash that much. Of course, I felt completely differently when I had a T|3 and before and needed software like Jackflash and FlashPro to wring every last byte of RAM out of my PDA --- but I have completely digressed.

    There are occasional lags, but even with my VZW Samsung phone (my last one a 540), there were countless times when I got voicemail without ever getting a phone call; or could not connect from time to time.

    After 17+ years on Cingular, Comcast Metrophone or whatever AT&T's predecessor was, I can tell you that there just isn't any better coverage (or customer support) in SE Pa. than Verizon's. Before you abandon VZW, check your friends who are on Sprint (which is bleeding money) and AT&T (who is rolling out 3G to only a few markets at a time).


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    I live in the middle of Atlanta with Verizon towers galore - always have a very strong signal. However I get a lag with calls, with reading an ebook, with using the web, locating contacts, trying to answer or end a call, connecting to the bluetooth in my car, playing a game, etc. I end up waiting about 10 - 15 seconds every time. EXTREMELY ANNOYING. I do not think it has anything to do with cell towers. Perhaps it is the Verizon Syncing service or something. I can tell when Versamail is checking and it is much more than that. I am so frustrated with this phone that I want to scream. I had the 650 forever with Verizon and never had this problem. I've been very disappointed with the 755P.
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    The Verizon over-the-air syncronization product is a pile of garbage, and that would probably insult the garbage.

    The program is not particularly robust; there are other solutions to getting email pushed in background (if you absolutely must) to your 755p than Verizon's product. Yeah, it's free. Boy, do you get what you pay for. I use Snappermail Enterprise which is admittedly expensive --- okay, ridiculously expensive --- but I am in the process of consolidating 3 email accounts via imap, and if I wanted, Snapper mail would collect it all for me in the background. I don't want it. Chattermail offers this, and I think even Versamail will check email automatically (can't remember).

    I recommend (as I may have already done so in this thread) going into preferences and setting date and time manually, i.e. 'get nothing' from the network. This will reduce lag.

    If you don't have to get email in the background, turn that off too, and just get email when you feel like it. (If I wanted my email shoved onto my smartphone every time it arrived, I'd have gotten a crackberry).

    Finally, recognize that the unit is a phone, and is FIRST going to look for service. When it can't find service, it works hard looking for it.

    I just bought a new Javoedge case for my 755p which I absolutely love, but I'm sure the metal back is actually cutting down on the already marginal reception in my home (also in SE PA, near Philly). I can pick up a bar or two just taking the phone out of the case. When I'm home over the weekend, my battery goes like lightning. When I'm out and about, during the week, at my office, in a stronger signal area --- no problemo.

    Incidentally, I'll be in Hershey later this week --- I think I'll probably be just fine with service.

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    I used a Verizon 700p for over a year and then replaced it with a 755p earlier this year. I traced most of the lag on both devices to ChatterEmail, and some phone call lag to YourCall. After ditching ChatterEmail (returning to SnapperMail) and then YourCall, I have no lag issues to complain about. As always, your mileage may vary...
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