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    My Card Info Does Not Display And When I Click On The Application, It Says Please Wait And Freezes The Screen. Can Anyone Help.
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    Usually a soft reset will help - take the battery out and put it back in and make sure the SD card is properly installed in the slot
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    Done Soft Reset And Clicked On Card Info And Now Screen Says The Same, Please Wait And Is Frozen
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    Recently Purchased A Holux Gpslim 236 Bluetooth Receiver. Having Trouble Getting It To Pair With The Phone. Any Suggestions. It Shows Up And Ask For A Passkey Which Is 0000. I Enter The Passkey And It Does Not Recognize It Later.
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    May have a bad card - may try to reformat it - if you have a card reader
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    I Have A Card Reader. Can U Tell Me How To Reformat The Card
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    I thought there was a Format option on the Card tab on the treo, somewhere if you click on Card and then use the Options hard button, look there for a Format option.
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    Formatted Card And Tried To Hotsync Another App. But It Did Not Show Up Either. Clicked On Card Info And It Froze My Phone Once Again.
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    Definitely sounds like it is time for a new 2GB SD card, just do not get the HD cards.

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