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    I'm thinking of buying the <a href="">Eclipse AVN2210p</a> to use in my new Altima. It seems like a nice system, and looks like it has all the features I want-- CD player, Bluetooth hands-free support, iPod support, and a GPS navigation system, too. Before I buy it, I want to make sure it works with all my gear. So I have a bunch of questions:

    1) Will the Eclipse unit (really a TomTom 510 or 720, I've been told) work with my Sprint Centro? The Centro is very similar to the Palm Treo 755p. What features will be supported? Hands-free is a must, downloading the phone numbers from my phone is desired, and support for TomTom Plus services would be nice. The Centro doesn't show up on <a href="">TomTom's</a> list of compatible phones, but the Treo 650 does.
    2) How is the sound for the hands-free operation? Can I add an external microphone?
    3) Will this unit integrate with the steering wheel controls on my 2007 Altima Hybrid (standard stereo)?
    4) How easy is it to install in the Altima? How does it look?
    5) How is the iPod interface?
    6) Any thing I should know about the Nav system? It support spoken directions, correct?

    Thanks for your help. I'll be checking in.
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    You should be contacting the manufacturer. I don't see why the Centro wouldn't work even though its not listed. They might have new info on the Centro. I'd be sure to buy it at a place that will take it back, between all of those questions and the Centro not being listed I'd want some guarantee.
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    OK, I tested it with the Centro and it works for hands-free operation and dialing from the TomTom unit.
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    I finally got the stereo installed, and it's awesome. I got some pictures up here if anyone is interested. Excellent installation from New Wave Sound (Los Angeles area). Eclipse AVN2210p installation & review
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    Good job. I may do the same thing for my wife.
    Something old, something new. I got a ringer switch and 800W .

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