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    Is there any solution to the problem of the Treo doing a soft reset when you try to go the Web? It seems like I read somewhere that it may have something to do with the cache being full. I have my advanced preferences on the Web set to clear cache on exit but that doesn't help. I'm sure that I'm not the only person that has their unit resetting when trying to go to the Web.
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    You may have a corruption in one or more of the following areas....

    Using Filez or Resco Explorer, DELETE the Blazer folder from BuiltIn(A) It's another RAM volume

    Also. go into the RAM folder and DELETE Blazer CacheHistory file and Cookies Data file.

    Do a soft reset and re-open Blazer. The deleted Blazer folder and the two deleted files will re-created.

    This should fix your problem......

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    [COLOR="Navy"]I have followed your suggestions. However I still get a soft reset whenever I go to the web following a HotSync. Does anyone else get a soft reset when you go the web just after a HotSync? Thanks.
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    You get a reset after a hotsync. Your original post did not say that. I re-read it. You did not say that you get a Web reset after hotsync.
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    Back to the problem: Is there a solution to the unit doing a soft reset when going to Blazer after a performing a HotSync?
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    Given what you said, my guess would be then there is some sort of corrupt data file that everytime you hotsync is put back on your Treo, thus causing the replication of the soft reset. If you have any backup sets from prior to when you started having this problem I would do a hard reset and then restore to that old backup set. If you don't then I'd recommend doing a selective restore (avoid restoring things at first that clearly use the internet), then one at a time restore the internet items. Once you discover the culprit, delete it, and repeat the whole process.
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