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    I am no longer to access my phone screen when pressing the phone button. I have reset the prefs to default and perfromed a hard reset and still no luck. I use agendus and am not sure if that has anything to do with it. I can access the phone screen the palm by using the phone icon. Thanks.
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    After the hard reset and before the restore hot sync -- does the phone button work?
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    If you do a hard reset, agendus should be gone.

    Try it then to figure out if that's the culprit.

    It sounds like something is forcing your phone button to re-route to a diff program, since the Phone icon works.
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    What happens when you press the Phone button? I have mine set to display my Calendar events and 6 favorites. With this set up, I don't see the Dial Pad.

    The settings I described above are made through the 'Phone Display Options' screen. When I want to display the Dial Pad, I can either begin dialing a number, or press the Green Button and select Dial Pad.
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    When I do press the phone button it cycles through my calendar. After a reset it does work properly but after I sync it returns to the calendar. I reset the defaults under preferences for the buttons and made sure that agendus was not assigned to that button. Thanks.
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    You may have a software corruption that requires a clean install to remove. (The sync after the hard reset is just bringing the problem back.)

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