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    I'm using a treo 650 with callrec 5.2, which I just purchased today after a week of trouble-free use using the trial mode.

    The problem is that right after I keyed in the registration code, any calls on my phone immediately make it freeze up. Callrec still opens up, but with any of the calls it now only records 3 seconds of static.

    Memory card isn't an issue, since it was working fine when the program was in trial mode. I'm completely confused...since purchasing the program seems to make everything impossible to use...
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    Did you let the trial period expire before registering it? Some apps will go into freak mode if the trial period expires before registering.

    Try using Destaller Lite or Northglide's Uninstaller to delete the app and it's Saved Prefs, then re-install and re-insert the reg key.......

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    I would look at the amount of free memory on the device. Too little will cause the application to stop operating or reset.
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    Go to menu - Prefs - Recording quality. Then make sure you uncheck 'compress' and maybe lower your recording sample rate. It works at any rate and even compressed on the 755 and Centro, but the 650 might have a problem that way.

    If that doesn't do it, write them, they answered me quickly when I upgraded to the 755, and they fixed a bug immediately.
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