With a Wilson Amplifier system about to be installed in our SOHO, I'd like to have the option of using a desktop cell phone when in the office....something a bit bigger and more comfortable to use for long calls while at the computer.

Something like this:


Saw dozens of financial reports how this thing was killing but they were bought out by a GPS company and I don't see the product on their current web site. Found some semiconductor site where I could buy in lots of 1,000 but my need isn't quite that great

Anyone know where I can actually buy one ? Or something else I can drop the Treo into to charge / sync while still having a full size handset available to talk on.

Not looking to forward calls. The whole point of the exercise is dumping the landlines. Each land line costs me about $65 a month. First cell line costs me $59, the next 4 are $10 each.....so I save $660 a year per line switched over to cell.

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