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    I've had my 700wx for a while now and for the most part I like it, I have all kinds of hacks running on it to make it run better and I also bought the spb pocket plus program which is awesome.
    I'm starting to feel the need for an upgrade though. I was the 755p and liked the looks and feel but the processor is the same as is the ram so I'm not sure how much of an upgrade it would be obviously I'm going from WM5 to palmOS but I've never used palm OS so I don't know which is better.
    so do you guys think its worth the upgrade?
    if so there are a hand full of must have applications "AIM, a good web browser, a good word processor, something to do scedules and such, Nintendo emulator, super nitendo emulator, weather google maps and a high powered alarm clock" I'm pretty sure that's if I can find these things then I might make the switct if its worth ir.
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    Palm OS has more apps than WM, by a long shot.

    MunduIM, Toccer (free AIM), Sprint IM (OZ IM, text message based), IM+, etc.

    Documents To Go for all your office doc needs (comes with the 755p).

    Blazer web browser comes with the phone and works pretty good imo. Opera Mini is also available for DL.

    A lot of people like Little John Palm OS multi system emulator.

    Google Maps works.

    Tons of alarm clock apps. I use Butler (which is an all around Alert manager).

    There are tons of scheduling apps. The phone comes with a calendar app, memos, tasks, etc. You can DL an update that lets the Treo sync with Activesync if you want also.

    Just keep in mind that Palm OS is a whole new beast. You have to relearn how things work compared to WM. Also you might not like the way the OS looks by default (I don't think it's too bad, kinda bland though). To fix it you have to learn about installing a launcher and themes (I use Zlauncher + Vista theme, looks great).

    The FIRST thing I would make a habit of doing. Install NVBackup (must have free backup utility).

    Back up your phone before EVERY app install. If you don't like it, roll back the update. AVOID having to uninstall apps. This will save you many headaches.

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