Just upgraded my test server to Good for Domino and pushed out to my test Centro. It looks like there is a problem w/ notifications on at least that platform. I haven't pushed out the new client to my test WM6/TMO Dash.

Here's the issue:

Set "New Messages in Inbox" to vibrate...phone will vibrate except when "priority" messages are received.

Deselect vibrate for "New Messages in Inbox" and set "New Priority Mail Messages"....The phone won't vibrate when priority messages are received.

Set both New Messages in Inbox" and "New Priority Mail Messages" to vibrate....the phone will not vibrate at all, regardless of whether it is a priority message or not.

Playing sounds when new messages arrive work just fine in all scenarios.

Is anyone seeing this on other Palm OS devices? How about on WM5 and WM6.