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    Hi, I was just wondering, why is it that the Palm Desktop asks me to install Windows Media Player 9 on my System in order to access Media Files when I have Media Player 11?
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    I believe the highest version of Windows Media Player that Palm can use on the treo is version 9; are you trying to play .wma or .wmv files?
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    No, not exactly. Its just the pop up telling me to install WMP9 is pretty irritating. It seems after searching the net, I noticed that this is a widely known problem without a good known fix. Wish there's a fix to get rid of the pop-up.

    "Welcome to the Media Desktop. To get photos and videos captured with camera enabled devices to the Media Desktop, perform a HotSync operation.

    To use video in Media Desktop, complete the folowing step:

    1. Install Windows Media Player 9 from the Additional Software section of the Desktop Software CD."
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    Bummer, I hate those popups; no where on the message is there a "No thanks, Do not show this message again" box to check?
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    I dont get a pop up like that, do you have the latest version of the Palm Desktop?

    I really don't like like Windows anyway, but what can you do? Media Player 11 is hopeless, especially if you want to play ripped music...

    Get the latest Palm Desktop version from the Palm site.


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