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    On my Treo 600 I had the screen stay on when it was charging. I can't remember where I set that option (maybe it was an add on program?) and I can't seem to find it on the Centro. Anyone know where it might be?

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    I use the program STOIC -- Stay-on-in-Cradle, which you can find here:,221.html

    It works on my Centro.
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    I use Cradle Care on my 650, don't know if it works on the Centro or not. It will automatically HotSync and forward my phone when I plug it in to power/sync cable (and you can change all that), and it will also warn when the card has popped out (not a worry for you guys), but there's an option to leave the screen on when connected to power.
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    Thanks. I went with "OnCradleOn" which I saw after looking at the program that Lynn suggested, also on MyTreo. Since I didn't see needing any of the other things that Cradle Care could do, it wasn't worth it, but looks like a good program for other things.


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