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    Ok so maybe is better for this, but I figured i'd see what feedback I can get here.

    In the past I had an LG sprint phone, I could receive picture messages from my wife (on cricket network). I didn't have the ability to send pictures, but I could receive them.

    I just got my centro a few weeks ago... now I cannot receive picture messages from her. I can send them to her, but I can't receive them. I can receive video messages from her SOMETIMES, but not consistently. I try sending a video to her and the cricket phone says message deleted.

    The weirdest part is this... I can send a picture or video message to my sister on AT&T, she can send to me... my wife can send picture or video to my sister just fine as well. It appears there is something between Sprint and Cricket that just does not get along.

    Any thoughts??
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    Uhmm, put your wife on SERO plan with Sprint and enjoy free mobile-to-mobile minutes? j/k

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