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    For some reason, that for the life of me I cannot fathom, my 680 is driving me crazy. At least 3-5 resets a day, Bluetooth has become a nightmare- having to re-pair almost 3 times a day (using an Apple Iphone earpiece) but the problem exists with my Jawbone and a Jabra as well- 680 answers automatically although that is NOT checked, and it often loses its mind sending audio to the earpiece but remaining inaudible. I use Agendus, Butler, Reset Manager, and have moved everything else to the card but to no avail. This is a new refurb I'm using after my previous 680 really died. Are they just building them poorly, as I never had any of these problems before and I go back to the Treo 90. I am definitely not looking forward to learning a new platform but I amthisclose to taking a hammer to it. Any ideas and is there an app like Disk Warrior for the Mac that diagnoses and fixes anomalies?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lockjaw43 View Post
    is there an app like Disk Warrior for the Mac that diagnoses and fixes anomalies?
    Possibly the closest is an app that has just come out and is still in beta, TealScan.

    DL link and extensive discussion of this new app in this thread at 1src

    good luck!

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    I think it's best to do a clean install and add the applications slowly, yea it's a pain but with all the new updates at least you will know what works and what is causing a conflict
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    I've done that twice- the problems dont emerge for a month or so and then they come non stop

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