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    Verizon 755p. Port covered by a rubber plug on back top right of phone. Looks kind of like an antenna plug or something. I actually took the manual out of shrink-wrap to figure it out, but I don't see anything. Anyone know?

    Other stuff. My phone charges with USB cable. Pretty sure my 650 didn't do that. Must be a trickle charge or something. I'm not sure if it takes longer to charge than using the AC adapter.

    Lots of annoying lags. Switching apps, hanging up. Selecting speakerphone. Definitely slower and more sluggish than my 650. Might take up to 7 secs and then it tries to execute all my taps/presses.
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    Under the rubber plug is for attaching an external antenna.

    USB cable charging is considered trickle charging. This is a USB 2.0 device. If the proper driver is installed for your 755p (i.e., if you can successfully hotsync), then you should see the lightening bolt on the battery icon indicating a 500ma charge. If no lightening bolt, it means the proper driver is not installed OR you're using an under-powered USB port (such as on the front of some PCs or on some laptops). It's still probably charging the TX, but at a lower rate.

    I don't see much in terms of what I'd call lags on my 755p. Have you installed any 3rd party applications?
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    Thanks. I thought it might be for an antenna.

    I was just sharing about the trickle charge. My 650 did not do that.

    The lags have happened since I first got the phone. I am running the email program but I've turned off the auto sync. Docs to go is now installed also. One type of lag is just annoying. It's as if the 755 is running background processes or is underpowered. The other is just a total un-responsiveness. ie, trying to hang up after a phone call it just stays on for several seconds. I never had this with my 650 which was loaded with apps.
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    That's odd. I don't have any lags to speak of. Once in a while, when trying to open Blazer, it seems to hang for a few seconds, but other than that, it's quit fast.

    Do you use NVBackup? (You should get it and make regular, complete backups of your 755p (files, apps, databases, configuration, etc.) to an external card.) Make a full backup, then hard reset your device. Don't hotsync. Test it to see if it still has lag issues. If no lag issues, then I'd suspect a problem with some app you've added or something that became corrupted during setup. You'll want to make sure your 3rd party apps are okay for the 755p before re-installing them. If you still have lag issues, go ahead and restore your backup, but try and find someone else with the 755p and compare. You might want to exchange it at the store.
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    the trickle charging with the palm os devices started with the Z22 and most of the latest phones of palm can do the trickle charge such as 680, 700p, 700w/wx, 755p, 750 and centro. if your USB port is a power USB that can supply 100mA, it can do trickle charge.
    with regards to the sluggishness that you said, i haven't experienced that one. you may try to unload the extra games or files that you don't necessary need or you may do hard reset and observe your device by playing it after hard reset then observe if it is still sluggish. do not hotsync yet while doing the testing.
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    I used to hook an antenna up to my 700p, if in a low reception it would help (it didn't make a good to medium area much better).

    BUT the connector for the 755p is SO much deeper it won't fit

    Has anyone found an extension or adaptor to fit the 755p?

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    I just got my 755P last week and have nothing loaded on it. I am having the lag hanging up on almost every call and opening some of the programs. The call ending one is the most aggravating because I think I didn't touch the end call button hard enough and try again just as its switching and then open contacts from my Favorites button. Had to switch the location of the Contacts and Voicemail Favorites button so I wouldn't keep calling my voicemail.
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    That's exactly the behavior I am experiencing. We do Palm development and have about 600 customers that I see frequently (along with their devices) and this is not normal. But I am reading online that it is a pretty common issue with the 755.
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    You have two potential options. Unfortunately, I can't provide links right now (I'm at work and my internet connection is worse than dialup!). Search these forums for an overlay called TEST7.PRC. This will get rid of the pop-up you get when ending a call. Another option is PhoneSwitch, which can be found in the downloads section after you register at I liked TEST7.PRC overlay, but am currently using PhoneSwitch to return me to the last application I was using before the call (exception: phone application). Both have advantages/disadvantages.

    Get NVBackup and make regular backups of your device before doing anything else!
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    I don't get this issue on my Sprint Treo 755p
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    Quote Originally Posted by garylapointe View Post
    Has anyone found an extension or adaptor to fit the 755p?
    I have used both the Wilson Electronics Trucker Mirror Mount Cellular Antenna (301101) and the Wilson Electronics Magnet Mount Cellular Antenna - FME Female(301103) using the Wilson 358505 Adapter. Yes, the "adapter fits snugly" as they admit too, but it works!

    It is the only one I've found that does work on the 755p.

    I think next on my list will be the Wilson 3-Watt Cellular Amplifier (Wilson #811210), hooked up to my existing (301101) which I mounted on the bed of my Toyota Tacoma.

    I have bought a couple of the (301103) ones and given them to friends with Treos as they seem to perform just as well as the (301101), just without the "bad-*** look" on the truck

    I've got a buddy who started to carry the smaller (301101) with him everywhere he goes inside his computer bag, and I liked the idea I started too as well. Nothing like pulling out the IBM Lenovo T60, your Treo, and your Seidio 8" S&C Cable to be able to have internet ANYWHERE! I travel a LOT and now just laugh my head off every time I purposefully ask the hotel clerk how much the in-house internet is. Never again will they stick me for $15 bucks (or more) just to plug into an internet line so freaking slow I could walk across the country to my bank to pay a bill.

    Of course, having the ability to pull out the laptop, treo and cable while I'm sitting out in the middle of the redwoods watching the surf and the sun go down, is a great way to finish a hard days work too
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    what's a ballpark price on the 301101?
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcD View Post
    what's a ballpark price on the 301101?
    Sorry, should have included that... but I didn't want to sound like I was pimping them too much... I just really like their hardware, it's the best I've used.

    You can get the 301101 from a dealer for $59.95 or ebay for as cheap at $29.99 -- I got mine from a guy on ebay who sold me the whole setup gear for $59.00... the antenna, mount and spring. (phonetackle is his usersname) Just drop him a message and ask... he might do the same for you.

    I'll say this... myself and a buddy decided to buy both and put them both through a trial. We first mounted the little guy, drove through 50 miles of the worst area we know of (and we live in the middle of the Redwood Trees in Northern California), then took the little one off and slapped up the big 301101 and made the same drive. By the end of the day we resolved that without the booster, there was unnoticable differences between the little antenna and the big guy. So, I would say, unless you are wanting to invest the money in a killer amplifier, just go with the smaller 301103 antenna. I also made a 1200 mile trip from Northern California to Southern California over the holidays... I used the small antenna on the way down and the big one on the way up... every spot the little one lost a connection, so did the big one. At most, the big antenna would provide one more bar in those really really really bad places. But I think that was probably only once or twice for the 700-odd miles on the way back home.

    I think my next purchase (simply to try it) will be the AA-012, which is freakishly small at only 3.4" in height, unlike the 12.25" of the 301103 -- it would be really interesting to see what kind of differences there are between a 3-inch and a 12-inch antenna. I know Wilson makes the best... but can that little 3-incher really actually help or do anything... I've just gotta find out - lol.
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    I'm not going to discuss your little three incher
    The AA-012 looks good at $30 but I guess you need an adapter for the 755?
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    There is no lag whatsoever on my 755, and I just came from a 650. What's more, I have yet to experience a reset - I've had the phone for about 2 weeks now!

    very stable device. I'm pleasantly surprised.
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    Is your non-lagging Treo Sprint, or Verizon?
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    [QUOTE=MarcD;1397175]I'm not going to discuss your little three incher /QUOTE]


    Quote Originally Posted by MarcD View Post
    The AA-012 looks good at $30 but I guess you need an adapter for the 755?
    Yes, all of the wilson antennas will need an adapter... I posted a link above.
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    The link below has instructions on how to place your phone in to field test mode. There is a plethora of information available on the screen when accessed. The Rssi value is a great tool in comparing antennas and their performance. It also comes in handy if questioning the gain being received when connected to an external antenna.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WPSANTENNASMATT View Post
    The link below has instructions on how to place your phone in to field test mode. There is a plethora of information available on the screen when accessed. The Rssi value is a great tool in comparing antennas and their performance. It also comes in handy if questioning the gain being received when connected to an external antenna.
    Wonderful bit of information. Thank You!!!!!
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