Hello, all.

I have been happily using my Treo 650 for a couple of years now. I don't really fully understand how syncing works and conduits, etc. I just know I hit the button on my USB cable and it sends any apps I've loaded on my PC to my Treo 650. My happy little world is changing.

Past environment:
Windows XP PC
Sync using PalmOne Quick Install
Outlook 2003 on PC (no Exchange server)
Treo 650
Palm OS Garnet v.5.4.8
Chapura KeySuite 3.6
DocumentsToGo ver 7.006(945)

New environment:
Windows Vista PC
Sync using Palm Desktop beta 6.2 (sounds like that from what I've read)
Outlook 2007
Treo 650 (all same as above)

So really, all that's changing is my PC is XP->Vista, and Outlook 2003 -> Outlook 2007. Apparently, I must change to Palm Desktop beta 6.2. OK, but how do I get all of my "settings" from my treo to my PC? I think of the PC as having the "backup" of my Treo. If my treo was lost, everything would get copied back from my PC to my Treo the next time I synced. So...if I simply install Palm Desktop beta 6.2 and sync, will my pictures and settings get copied from my treo to the PC? Do I need to copy some sort of folder from the image of my XP machine (I can run it in VMWare and have all the files) to the Vista machine? I see the contacts in the Treo as "throwaway" (I don't require a two-way sychronization).

If this is covered in some other thread, please point me to the thread. Thanks all.