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    When ever I reset my centro or it resets it turns the phone on. So when I have Backup do a reset after a backup inthe middle of the night my phone then starts up wasting my battery. Is it supposed to do that and is there a way to stop it?? Thanks!
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    I'm also hoping somebody can answer this question. I want to cut off the option to reset after backup, but can't remember where it is? Does anybody know?
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    Depends which backup you are using. In NV Backup its in Preferences,Advanced.Unclick "Reset after backup"

    In Resco Backup its in Schedule,Advanced.Unlick "Reset after backup"

    ANyone know if the Centro is supposed to turn on after a reset and is there a program to stop it?
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    The 700p is supposed to return to the same radio state after a reset unless there are two resets within a certain time period.
    If the phone is on a charger at night, the battery shouldn't drain due to radio state. (I'm not sure if its on a charger)
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    My phone is off. And If I do a reset , after the reset the phone turns on regardless of if it was on before the reset. (I just tested it) and if the phone goes on say midnight and I get up at say 10 ., that 10 hours of searching for a signal will use a little of the battery.I know its not a lot. I sometimes dont have time to charge it after a day and its maybe 35-40% when I go to bed . I hate to waste any of the battery.
    My worse problem is someone calling at 8am and everyones sleeping and my phone goes off becasue someone called and I know i shut it before I went to bed.
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    Any chance you have TreoHelper installed? Which backup program are you using?
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