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    I just got my 2nd Inno Dock Junior Cradle ( 1st one did not hotsync) and the new one ( your all gonna laugh) will not stop hotsyncing. As soon as you put the Centro in the Cradle it automatically hotsyncs. The button does not appear to be stuck but I cant get it to do anything but hotsync. Anyone know why that might happen other than it being broken I already filled our my RMA request and I guess i will try a thrd one. Also not sure if my mind was playing tricks but I put it in at 76% and I took it off an hour later at 50%. Can a cradle do that? Discharge ?

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    I'm not having any of those issues with my Jr cradle.
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    Yeah I just have had bad luck. Im returing it but I cant seem to get any reply for a RMA. been waiting a week so far. Seidio if your reading , I need a RMA to return this. Filled out 2 of them on there site already.

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