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    I finally upgraded my Treo 600 to a 755p wanting to get bluetooth capabilities, but it looks like Palm's bluetooth support to the OS is lacking quite a bit.

    I got a Cardo Scala Rider FM which is a bluetooth headset with an FM radio built-in. It's not A2DP, so I thought what I would do is simply use an FM modulator to play MP3s and to hear other apps like Street Atlas by using the FM radio part of the headset, then simply use the bluetooth part when making/receiving a call.

    However, I don't think there is anyway to make this work because whenever I have the FM modulator plugged into the headphone jack, the phone app simply will not use a bluetooth headset. Trying to force the call with menu-b does not work and I cannot answer one either.

    I looked at VolumeCare but it simply bypasses the headset jack for everything, which doesn't help me. SAG doesn't support the hands-free bluetooth headsets due to Palm's implementation, so I can't just go all bluetooth either. The only thing I can do now is try to unplug the modulator and hit menu-b to reroute a call to the headset, but that's hard to do, especially with gloved hands!

    Anyone know of a way to force the phone app to ignore the headset or a better solution to the problem? I think I may just have to wait till Parrot has the SK 4000 out later this year.
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    Hi there...

    I've had a 600, 700p, and just swapped for a 755p. Both the 700 and 755p's have the same buggy BT stack it seems. I can sometimes get it to work, but only if I toggle BT off and back on again while the headset is plugged in.

    But YMMV, ya' know? It's still not 100%. Sometimes goes to the headset, sometimes to the earbud.

    Probably the Centro has more stable BT support, but can't guarantee it.

    Just my 2cents. Best of luck!!


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