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    nice find!

    Were any accessories found at CES?
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    WHEN?!?! The 650 is on its last legs, and I don't know that I can hold out until Q2 for AT&T like you guys predicted...
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    Oh man I am going to be really bummed if they come out with a white centro on gsm. I am on sprint and have a black centro, but I am dieing a for a white one!

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    I agree, it does look nice in white.. I also just got the black one!!
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    The buttons on this one still look way nicer:

    I have no idea why they made the silver buttons so tiny on that CES one.
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    Yeah i think the bigger buttons are more usable. I do think thats a pre-production unit...

    It still looks uglier than the current Centros to me... which got me thinking...

    Remember there was a mention of Jon Rubenstein not being very happy with how the Centro looked like before it was released, and he had to travel personally to China to make little modifications of the design? I think these are the "uglier" ones that he saw.

    Note on that story... i think his going to China shows Jon Rubenstein's commitment to making better phones at Palm... a good sign.
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    Bah! My Centro is red, but I'd be more interested in the pink model than a white one. The larger buttons look better, too. Just my opinion.

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    This is taken from the original Wall Street Journal article.

    "The warning was delivered by Jon Rubinstein, a former top Apple Inc. executive who this year joined Palm as executive chairman with a directive from Palm Chief Executive Ed Colligan to shake up the struggling smart-phone maker. Mr. Rubinstein wasn't happy with the Centro's final touches, so he ordered several Palm executives to get on a plane to Asia to work more closely with the company's contract manufacturers. He asked product managers to look at details that hadn't been discussed before, such as whether the Centro's keyboard could be easily viewed in bright sunlight."
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    Doesn't AT&T have the worst data network of all the providers? The Centro won't live up to it's potential there.
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    I am almost sure that this accessory manufacturer will not receive next unit for sizing due to this publication. Publishing an unreleased device photo with easily readable serial number isn't a best idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmp@softick View Post
    Publishing an unreleased device photo with easily readable serial number isn't a best idea.
    Displaying an unreleased device on the show floor of the world's busiest consumer electronics show isn't a great idea.
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    Sometimes when products are coming up on launch they'll let out preproduction units out at places like that to help generate "buzz." Kinda like auto manufacturers having preproduction cars out on the roads without camo all over them. Helps get the buying public revved up for the launch.

    Looks like they're going to get the same cheesy stylus as us Sprint folks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SueWalsh623 View Post
    Doesn't AT&T have the worst data network of all the providers? The Centro won't live up to it's potential there.
    Nope. In the US, it would be T-Mobile.
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    Why would someone switch to a different carrier for a white version of the same phone?

    I like my black one.
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    Finally a gender neutral color. I still demand a blue one damn it you hear me Palm!?

    Does it look like Xbox "off white" to you guys?
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    I am jonesinng for this phone, but I am not pumped for a white one. I already have a white Treo 680 and it picks up a LOT of scratches... Black, Blue, or Gray is preferred. I learned my lesson..
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    I still demand a blue one damn it you hear me Palm!?
    I'm with ya whatever7! I love blue, especially midnight blue.

    If I wasn't on GSM, I'd gladly trade a white Centro, if that's what's coming to GSM, for a black one. I have nothing against the color white but I just don't care to have a white gadget. I have to admit though that the one in that pic looks pretty sweet. Especially those middle buttons that are a smokey gray. And of course if a Centro shows up at AT&T, I'll get one even if it's puke green with pink polkadots because I'm such a gadget freak.
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    Anyone for Palm selling any color you want phones? (Made to order)
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    Interesting that this device, which looks almost identical to my Centro, has the text "Treo" on the front of it.
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