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    I love Toccer and it worked flawlessly on my 700p. For some reason now that I am using it on my Centro it will disconnect every 11 minutes (I have done tests) or non-use. Meaning, when I put Toccer in the background and leave it unused for 11 minutes it will disconnect and reconnect. The worst part is that when it reconnects it reconnects me as ONLINE status. When I put an away message up and then go in the background mode, every 11 minutes I get signed back online. Not only is that annoying to people on my buddy list, it basically means I can never be signed-on TOCCER and away as I will just get reconnected every 11 minutes with online status.

    Just wondering if anyone else has this problem or if there is maybe some setting on my Centro that causes it to not PING the data connection if dormant for 11 minutes. My Toccer connection disconnects every 11 minutes of being dormant whether in background or I am actually in the program. If I am not pinging data for 11 minutes it kicks me off.

    I love Toccer and would like to have it run in the background and stay connected (even if it will drain the battery) because as times I need to be away from my phone, but still on IM.

    The Sprint built-in IM application does not allow custom Away status, so that is useless to me as at times I need to relay a message via my Away status to my co-workers.

    I have tried Mundu on my Centro and that just resets my Centro too often and has connectivity issues too.

    How about IM+? Is that stable and can you set a custom Away status?

    Bottom line is Toccer is free and everything I need in an application, but I just need it to be stable in the background.

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    I love Toccer but I find that my Centro spontaneously resets a lot more when Toccer is running in the background. I use the Built In IM app or SMS forwarding (with AIM) instead. I wish Toccer worked better but the price sure is right.
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    Toccer is an IM client, right? I say give Mundu IM a try. It works in the background mode and you get IMs instantly (can even get email notifications). One thing to note -- you do have to email their support to get the latest Centro-enabled version (they respond very quickly though).

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